From Myspace to Dadjack…

I glanced over my right shoulder, Lucy’s hair was blowing in the wind, I forgot a hair tie today (No matter how long I’ve been doing this single Dad thing, hair ties always escape my memory as we run out the door), and her hand was out the window sailing with the flow of the air.  Bing was fast asleep, as I could see in the rear-view mirror, just 10 minutes earlier he was excitedly asking “Daddy window down?”, but he had since rolled it back up and drifted to sleep.  We were listening to the new Third Eye Blind album (I know I’m old, no one calls them albums anymore), so Lucy wasn’t really paying attention (if it’s not Taylor Swift or Black Eyed Peas she’s not interested), but she was really enjoying herself, just letting her hand sail in the wind created from our travels on the 5.  In her other hand was her Littlest Pet Shop lunch box… Which we all had some sense of satisfaction in finding, it took us two days and four Targets, but we finally found one that had it in stock (Burbank Target rules).  I wanted her to have something special for when she starts Kindergarten in a few weeks… To be honest, I don’t even know if she will be bringing a lunch, but we both kind of decided she needed a new lunch box (mainly for me because I didn’t know what other supplies she may need, and I remember I first lunch box… it was steel and housed a plastic Thermos and was decorated with the band Kiss – I didn’t like Kiss, my Mom got it on sale and so it was mine.  I wanted Lucy to have the exact one she wanted, thus 4 Targets we visited.)  The sun was hot by mid-afternoon so driving with the windows down felt good.  It was hard to not just stare at her, so young and happy just letting her hand fly (But someone had to drive!) And to be totally honest I think if I could have I just would have kept driving… We were all so happy, Bing peacefully resting, Lucy hair flowing, gazing out the window and me, my kids in tow without stress or worry at that moment.  It’s amazing how just catching your kids at the right time, they not even knowing you see them, can warm your heart.  We arrived at swim class, Bing awoke, the windows went back up, but that 30 minute drive was stuck in my head all day.

Tomorrow, we go on an adventure to San Diego… which just to start involves the subway and the train, and maybe later in the weekend, swimming with sharks.  So I’m sure that next week I’ll have much more to post.  The blog has been moved here from myspace so we can have more control and less problems… So hopefully that will be the way it works.  I know it will take me a feww posts to get used to it, but I really think in the long run it will be much better.  Have a great weekend… And if you get a chance, roll the windows down!

Rock On, Jack

P.S. Podcast, Crn Show and regular blog posts will return Thursday.

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  • Donna741

    You’re such a good writer Jack. I can picture the whole scene in my head because you describe it so well.

    Have a great vacation with the kids.

  • Vanessa

    That was beautiful, thank you!

  • JeAnna Brumfield

    I loved this. It made me want to go home and love on my kids. You are such a good dad. A follower from myspace.

  • Connie

    I agree with Donna, I pictured the whole scene too! ABSOLUTELY INSPIRING…have a great vacation with those little ones! Jack – you are a WONDERFUL DAD, and don’t ever let anybody tell you different! They will remember the good times fondly when they grow up! So good job Jack!

  • Jan

    Another wonderful, well written account of your life with kids. You are the best Dad Jack. Your kids are so fortunate to have you as their father.

  • SO adorable! =D Have a great weekend!

  • Another great blog Jack. It’s going to take me a while to remember to look here, but as others have said … where you lead, we will follow! :-)

  • Peggy

    What a beautiful story! You really have a way with the written word, Jack. You should consider writing for a side profession!

    But please, don’t give up your day job (or should I say, your night job, because I would miss you on the podcast and CNN!)

  • DenverMO

    Great writing. Can’t wait to read more on the discoveries of DadJack!

  • On a stick shift or car with the manual gear shaft sitting upright, stack the rubberbands ands scrunchies and hair ties so you always have one. You are on CNN? Man, stalking you through Twitter has made me miss out on soo much. Tell ANG I want my chat room back

  • Ben

    You speak of albums… You “roll the windows down”… Next you’ll be talking about dimmer switches on the floor, wood screen doors going Reeee….BANG… Wiper switches on the dash…(Chicago) Hot summer nights and streetcars take me back to a world gone away… Rock on your own bad self! Ben