Falcon has landed

So it’s really looking like the whole balloon boy thing was a hoax…  What is wrong with people!??!  If I ever use the guise of my children floating helplessly at 8500 feet to pump up my balloon experiments you have my permission to shoot me.

Lots of good stuff going on this weekend!  Too many pumpkin festivals to mention, but Lombardi Ranch in Santa Clarita ,The Fall Harvest Festival at Pierce College in Woodland Hills and The Farmers Market Fall Festival in Los Angeles  are  great ones!  I think the kids and I will check out Environmentaland at Hollywood and Highland at some point this weekend.  Where The Wild Things Are opens this weekend… Although, early reviews say it may be too scary for small children, so I’m going to have to wait to see it.

Supposedly, my DSL gets turned on today… But nothing ever works as planned in this building, so I’m not holding my breath.

Our Halloween party may be on, but if it is, it will be on Friday the 30th… I’ll post as soon as I know.

See, radio people are bad… That’s why I’m glad I’m a podcaster!  Let’s all sue him, just for being him.  I want to make one!  A new group of re-enacters to mock.   Holy crap, this is scary!  Dr. B should start hunting them.  I guess this is good news!?!?  The perfect husband.  I want to go see them.  That’s a lot of tongue. Animal lovers, skip this one.

Have a great weekend! Rock On, Jack

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  • Laura

    Hope the party is back on……….looking forward to hanging out with Jack and Stretch. Have a great weekend.

  • Its really unfortunate that people stoop so low. Everyone in my office was glued to the tv praying for that kid & his family! it makes me sick to think it was a hoax! so pathetic.

  • Vanessa

    At first when I heard the kid say “we did it for the show ” I thought maybe the kids were making their own show. Now that I’ve seen the video with the parents out there with them and the brother was filming the whole thing while they were all freaking out makes me know it was a hoax. Nothing about their stories pan out and the guy should have know that a little kid would have kept that balloon from flying off. They also said there was a separate equipment box that the kid got into…which was not in the video from the get go. The parents must be made to pay for the rescue!