I’m Back… Or at least I hope!

The modem and router are hooked up waiting the arrival of my DSL signal… Which is supposed to happen at 8p.  So, blogging should not be a problem!

Bing (AKA Bowling Girl… AKA Polka Dot Bowling Girl) is obsessed with his bowling shoes that I found for him.  Ebay is a parents dream, you can find anything there, like say brand new toddler size 8 rental bowling shoes, with the little “8″ on the back heel, they rule!

Lucy and I made brownies the other night… I’d say about half the ingredients made it into the bowl, the other half are spread all over my kitchen, but it was fun, so what the heck.

The kids carved pumpkins last night, well kind of, I found these mallet things at Target where you nail plastic pegs into the pumpkin… Kind of like a pumpkin Light Bright.   Way easier for the under 6 crowd!

If you haven’t heard already, our Halloween Party has been canceled… So we’re inviting anyone who wants to come down in costume (or not) to the CRN Studios on Friday the 30th for a costume contest and live broadcast from 8-10p.  There is nothing more spooky than Halloween Eve in Sun-Land.

Wow, new Night Stalker news.  Tomas is going to be upset.  Oh Ya, avoid the chest!  Easy come, easy go.  I already thought this was covered!?!?  Don’t you hate it when your wife shows you up.  Sorry, no nakey time!  Good news dreamers!  Your dog is not green!!!

Rock On, Jack

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