Halloween Week

It’s all about Halloween this week!  On the CRN show we have psychic Vicky King , a playboy bunny on Tuesday talking about cigars (Not really Halloween themed, but she does wear a bunny costume) and The First Annual Jack and Stretch Halloween Costume Contest live at our CRN studios on Friday!

Lucy and Bing are so excited to sport their costumes and get some candy…  OK, so am I!

Went for a bike ride yesterday, the weather has been so great.  I rode around Lake Balboa, good bike paths and not too many people.  There were a lot of people on fixed gear bikes, which is cool because it means people are getting back into cycling… but sucked because the people riding them are not very skilled and do not ride safely.

Come quick, there’s a stripper on the bus.  Maybe they were reading my blog?  Roach mouth.  That’s a lot of hummus. More reasons credit cards suck.  Scientology quitter.  More evidence that David Spade is a douche.  Cheater gets fired.  Told you that you can get anything on Ebay.  Is that a snake in your pocket or…

Rock On, Jack

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  • DeeSmiley (Denise)

    Yeah *WE* the passengers can’t even use our cell phones but the pilots can surf the web? nice.

    Lake Balboa is cool, that’s where I walk with H5 Heather… well when we do go! I like that place. i want to get a bike. I used to ride bikes but not for about 20 yrs!