The First Cold Night

It will be in the 40′s tonight in Los Angeles, It is really the first cold night of this fall.  There is something very lonely about the cold.  The distant voices and sounds of the city are muffled by closed windows, people borrow inside leaving the sidewalks empty and the darkness just seems darker.  Last year at this time I was in the middle of my divorce, working construction and living on my sisters couch.  The nights were just as cold, but I was not alone, my sister was there, Ethan, my Mom, and the dogs would wander out to my spot on the sofa to see if I had left any granola bar shrapnel.  Tonight, when the chill sets in, I will be alone in my small apartment, on the same couch, wrapped in Lucy’s princess blanket making my own warmth.  It is strange how the same place can be both  prison and home… depending on who is there with you.

State Shirt (aka – Ethan aka – My sisters boyfriend) is playing a show at 10pm on November 5th at the Hotel Cafe, If it’s not past your bedtime, I highly recommend you check it out… He’s really good!

There’s a new Farrell’s opening in The O.C.  I like this trend of old restaurants from our childhood making a comeback!  Like all the new Bob’s Big Boy’s that have opened…  And did I mention that the one at the 5 freeway and Sunland has a lounge!

Don’t forget, If you want to hang with Stretch and Me during our show on Friday just come on down to the CRN studios… We’ll be having a costume contest and performing the show live, it should be fun.

Do you want to read this book?  Another reason dogs rule.  I do I get this Un-Job. Who’s scaring who?   He gets to wisecrack in the showers now.  This is HORRIBLE!  Tweet and win.  Attack dog!

Rock On, Jack

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  • DeeSmiley (Denise)

    I love Farrells! I agree, our childhood places are making a comeback, that’s awesome:) I just wish the drive in movie theatres would re open. Those were so fun, something my daughter has no recollection of.

    I’ll prob be there on Fri nite, I hope a lot more people will come by and have fun!!