I can’t stand her!

Kate Gosselin is on Ellen right now… What a horrible, horrible person. She is just like her ex-husband, a fame whore who would do anything for publicity… They’re the Balloon Family, but with a series. I feel sorry for all 11 of those kids (Kates 8 and the balloon 3).  Jon is getting slammed by his girlfriend… quick someone film it and put it on TLC!  I have personally boycotted the Ed Hardy brand because the owner is friends with that douche.

Lucy and Bing are going to be excited, Ice Age 3 came out on video this week… They loved the dinosaur babies in this one.

Went and got my Halloween candy today…  Not sure if any kids come through my building, but I’m going to leave some candy out just in case.

Stretch’s ear is still all messed up… But the pain medicine is working, so that’s good.  Hope he feels better soon!

I went to the staff meeting at the CRN today, which was very cool.  They really want to win, which is a great shift from being at places that did everything to lose.

We were just talking about this on the pod.  Bad boy Arnold.  Singer attacked by coyotes.  Forget snow days, kids now get swine flu days. Walmart has the best deals for the living and the dead.  Quick, get Stretch a fork.  Porn shirt.  Good garage sale find.  The meat hands stretch spoke of on the pod.  Happy National Chocolate Day!

Rock On, Jack

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  • Mischief

    we’ve decided that Jon Gosselin will hook up with Octomom and it’ll be Jon and Nadya plus 14 plus 8 plus Kate! Whatta mess