Almost Halloween

Are you ready?  The costume shop next to CRN has been crazy.  I don’t want Halloween to come… Because as soon as it passes we’ll be in full holiday mode.  At my house Halloween pretty much starts tomorrow, Lucy has her school parade, then it is off to Line 6 with Angie and Ethan for some in office trick or treating, while I am at The CRN holding court over our in house costume contest.  (Which all are welcome to attend, with or without costume! click here to find the address)

Tomorrow on the podcast we have Jamie Kennedy and Greg Giraldo… Always fun to have guests on the pod.

I have been seriously neglecting my caffeine intake the last couple days… I know this because I had a big headache.  I can go a day or two with not too much, but anything over that and the head hurts, so I’m sitting at Panera right now with a large ice tea.  Since they opened the Art Institute next door Panera is mainly overrun with young twenties on their laptops, portfolios at their sides.  I hide on the patio… Where I fit in better, and it gives me way more to look at.  When I sat there was a man sitting across from me, he looked roughly my age, he too was typing away on his laptop.  A car pulled up to the curb, more correctly a minivan, and sat there for a moment, the man typed and the car sat.  This went on for about 2 minutes, then the window rolled down and “Chris!” was shouted from the van…  It startled the man (Who we now know as Chris), he was so enthralled in his work he hadn’t noticed his wife had arrived to pick him up. ( this happens a lot right here, being right across from the subway and the bus hub, people camp out on the patio and wait for their rides)  All of this really doesn’t matter, because the part that struck me happened right after he grabbed his stuff and jumped up.  As Chris opened the door to get into the car you could hear an excited “Daddy!” come from the backseat.  Every parent knows that sound, that high pitched, energized, one word exclamation that truly comes from the heart.  That little girl was so excited to see “Daddy”, the woman more annoyed that “Chris” didn’t notice she had pulled up right away.  I know for me, that after not seeing the kids for awhile it is great to hear that sound from the backseat…  Do I wish that tiny explosion of joy happened everytime I opened my door?  Without a doubt, but you take what you can get.

I know I mentioned it last blog, but next week I’ll be heading over to the Hotel Cafe to see State Shirt (Ethan) play after the CRN show, hope to get a chance to hang with some of you there!

He played three rounds of beer pong before being removed.  Seems harmless enough.  One lucky girl.  Lou Dobbs attacked, where was Tomas?  These kids are scum.  Let me guess, he was pale and thin.  I move out and Mickey moves in!  Talk about bad parking.

On a side note, when you sit out on the streets of North Hollywood long enough you realize it is full of crazy people… present company included!

Rock On, Jack

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