Two Weeks In…

In starting to get into the swing of things after completing my second week at CRN.  It has not only been challenging, but a lot of fun being there… I think we’re going to kick some a**!

The kids are coming over after not being here much over the last couple weeks, it will be so good to spend some time with them.  Lucy has already requested that we go to our favorite restaurant tonight for dinner… We have “our” table there and she gets really upset if it’s taken when we get there, we then have to sit somewhere else and move when it opens.

I have had the opportunity to spend some time with old friends lately which has been really cool.  There are reasons your friends are friends, and you realize that when you reconnect and it’s like there was never a gap.

I can’t lie to you guys, the pod is struggling a little bit (Not because of content, I feel like it’s never been better and I have never had more fun doing it!  I actually look forward to my nightly hour with stench and your emails, texts and phone messages)… It has more to do with the subscribers we lost you have not returned and the economy.  So many people have written me to tell me they’ve been out of work for a long time ( I get it!) or just having a hard time financially ( I get that one too!) and have had to cancel.  It breaks my heart that so many people out there are struggling.  Hopefully, we can get through this and rock our third year of the pod!

Alina should look into this.  That’s an expensive lamb.  You do crazy stuff after having a 40!  The cross dressing Pitt.  Alot of bikini’s in the news today.  That’s now much a pillow fight costs!  Don’t throw puppies… Especially into traffic!  It’s Grandma’s fault.

Rock On, Jack

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  • 949 Carol

    Jack, I’ve never written in before, but I just had to tell you how great it was to listen to you on the pod today (Friday). You sounded happy and relaxed for the first time in a long time. The banter between you and Stench made me smile and giggle out loud. Enjoy your kids this weekend!

  • Maria

    I’m looking forward to listening to Friday’s pod after what Carol (above) had to say!!! Yes, Jack, lately you do sound happy and more alive! I’m glad about that.

    I know my husband would love that bikini barber shop!!! Good thing they don’t have them here in the valley!!

  • Kathleen S.

    We have to remember that we can GIFT the pod to friends and family!! My husband gifts the pod to me!! From the very beginning…I’ve gotta be one of the originals! I’m going to “pay it forward” to a friend out of state. We used to listen to the old jjs at work and laugh! Thank you and have fun with the kiddies!!

  • Karen

    Yeah, the economy is tough but the cost of the pod is a true bargain in these times. I am struggling too but I am hanging in there with you guys as long as you do it – I can cut elsewhere and feel a little pain. The laughs and comaradarie are more than enough to compensate. Go pod!

  • Jaime

    Jack– I would love to “sponsor” a subscription for someone who cant afford it. Let me know what I would need to do. When you guys first started the show I was off work, having just had a baby, and I could not afford it. Doing much better now and would love to help.
    Jaime of the girlie parts in Burbank

  • Chris (Bruin)

    That’s cool of you, Jaime. I would like to donate a couple of 6 mo. subs to someone who needs it too. Lets us know how we can help Jack.

    Btw, the gift subcription button is busted.

  • Chris (Bruin)


    I know listeners are always trying to get you guys to up the price of the pods…how about we meet in the middle.

    There are listeners who can and have offered to pay a little extra.
    And there are listeners who can’t afford it right now.

    Lets put you listeners together!