Easter Earthquake

Well what a way to shake up Easter… With the ground actually moving!  We were home from my sisters enjoying and early dinner and watching The princess and the Frog (Which is just OK according to Bing and Me, but Lucy really likes it) when the earthquake hit.  I felt it first and then made the kids sit under a chair they were near… I’m usually a sit and ride it out kind of guy, but it shock pretty good here in the land of body shops and trannys.

What really struck me was how much better it was to have the kid here… One of the many horrible side effects of divorce is not having your kids around during big events.  This has been the first earthquake since my marriage crumbled that the kids have been with me… And it makes so much difference, in the past I knew I was alright, but had to wonder, where are the kids, are they OK, what happened where they are!?!?

It’s just such a helpless feeling to know something has happened big, but you don’t know how it has effected your kids.  That’s why I made sure Lucy called her Mom right away… It sucks to not know.  Luckily this was “the big one”, in fact as of this posting there has been no reported damage… But these reminders always get you thinking.

Hope you and your family had a great Easter or Passover and are all safe and sound.

Rock on, jack

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  • Pattie

    Glad all is fine. I’m hear Huntington Beach and it was a pretty significant quake. My dad said he stumbled and nearly lost his footing.

    I wish you and your kids a wonderful day!

  • silvia

    I’m in Valencia and didn’t feel it. I called my mom in Huntington Park and she felt. She said it shook for quite a long time. The best scenario would be to be altogether when we get hit by a big one, unfortunately that may not happen. I worry about my mom because she lives alone. We can only go over what to do in case it happens, but I think at the moment it does we will be very lucky to think clearly enough to do it. Let’s just hope for the best.

    Happy Easter.