Looking good…

It’s looking like I may have a real radio job very soon… Although, I’m not counting my chickens until they’re hatched!

The kids in radio club continue to do a great job, I’m hoping to have their first show to share with you all soon.

Bing amazed me the other day, we were reading a book that we often read the other day and he asked if he could read it.  Remember they’re not at my house everyday, so it’s not like we get the chance to read this book nightly and he doesn’t have a copy at his Mom’s…  He nailed every word in the book without any help from me.  I know it’s memorization, but it was still impressive… And it’s not one of those 8 page cardboard books!

I’ve been having a lot of fun at CRN, I have been able to co-host many of the shows here and the web stuff is going great.  In fact, I’ll be co-hosting Welcome To The Mommyhood again this Sunday, last week was so much fun!

Now they’re charging for carry-ons!  Cop gets porked.   Bigfoot is in AZ.  Racist dog slashed.  Muffin squeezer! Toebelina.

Rock On, Jack

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  • Kevin

    That’s my boys… The Milwaukee Brewers doing their sausage race… I think my parents went to that game too.

    Kevin LA

  • Kim

    Good luck, Jack!!! It’s amazing how much those little boogers can pick up! They are so smart! M surprises me every day w/her reading!

  • Adar

    The job is yours dadjack!!! Own it!