Good News!

It only took a year and a half, but I have a full time job!  Starting in May I will be the producer of the syndicated Ron Insana Show!  I’m so excited to be back in regular broadcast radio… I love the podcast, but there is just something energizing about working live on-air.

It is so refreshing to have things moving in a positive direction, after two years of divorce hell, things are looking up.

The apartment search continues on, there are actually a lot of options.  I have to figure out where the best location for the kids and me is?  Work is in Valencia and Sunland, the kids are in Venice and most of my friends are in the Burbank/North Hollywood area, I have to find the middle.

The kids and I had a fun weekend… A little Burbank on Parade, some time with friends and we checked out a few apartments.  This upcoming weekend I am semi-kidless (No kids Friday and Saturday), I’m going out to celebrate with my friend who recommended me for the job… Thanks Brian!

I met Mike (in Granada Hills) for some late night tea last night, he has another great opportunity for me that I’m pursuing.  He is such a great guy, He’s one of those people that you’re just always comfortable around.

More good news, Bing told me I’m invited to his birthday party!  I like that he gave me advance notice, I’ll mark it in my daytimer.

One lucky chicken.  Almost ready ladies. Crime fighting photographer! And I’m impressed when my 3 year old says his ABC’s.  Cool Banksy art in L.A.  This package was not the bomb.  Grandma v. Bull… guess who won?  HUH!?!?

Rock On, Jack

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  • sharem

    And on we go!!! Congrats Jack! That’s awesome!!

  • Ed

    Congrats Jack! Way to go! We’ll have to have lunch some Friday.


  • Beth

    Yay! Its about time! So happy for you.

  • Jessica

    Rock on Jack! That is great news!! I read your blog every workday and have been hoping for the best for you – congrats!!

  • Doris

    OMG Jack! This is the best news ever! I am so happy that things are coming around for you finally. We have all been hoping and waiting for this news!
    Congratulations! Cheers!

  • Awesome!!!! CONGRATS :) after all this time that is such great news. You totally deserve it!

  • 949 Carol

    Hurray for you, Jack!

  • janine

    that is such good news! you have waited long enough for it,

  • silvia

    YEAH!!!! Congratulations.

  • You go boy

  • Cheryl

    Congrats. Sounds like Granada Hills would be a good central place for you to live. Easy northbound commute to Valencia, close to Sunland and an easy zip down the freeway to Venice. Good luck with it all.

  • Diane Judd

    Yippee, we knew you could do it… this man is very lucky to have you and if you need the Pods to send some positive e-mails their way, remember how we bomb-barded the Tony and Kris show with your love and praise!!! Congrats Jack… Diane from the Tragic Kingdom

  • Allisa

    Congratulations!!! All uphill from here!

  • I’m so happy for you, Jack!!! Things are finally looking up for you!!! I will keep rooting for you.

  • Deborah

    Congrats Jack. You truly deserve this. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a wonderful new chapter in your life.

  • Laura

    I’m so happy for you, Jack. It is so deserved and long over due! I listened to you with Jamie, Jack and Stench and have been following your blogs since they pretty much began. You rock!!!!!

  • Cami

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Jack!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pattie

    That is really good news! I am really excited for you! A toast to you…CHEERS, JACK!!

  • Vanessa

    Congrats Jack!!!!

  • Debra

    Knew it could happen in due time ! Congratulations on your new adventure ! YOU are truly blessed and know that all good things come to those that wait upon him. YOU are a wonderful person and they will be happy to have you on board and know that you are going to make them successful . ROCK ON !!

  • G in RSM

    So glad to have checked on your blog and found such great news. So happy for you.

  • missjulie

    Yaaaayy!!!! YOU rock!!!!

  • mggamiz


  • DeeSmiley (Denise)

    wow that is great news, Jack! Sometimes getting a recommendation from a friend is the best way to get a job. That’s how I got my job, yrs ago. You are lucky to have friends pulling for you. You are right about Mike in GH too, he’s pretty cool :) Best wishes to a long successful run with this show! I’m so happy for you :)

  • Amy

    CONGRATULATIONS, JACK!! Good things come to those who wait.
    So glad you found a job and happy for you that it’s in radio.
    The Kings are in the playoffs and Jack has a job. Things are good :)

  • Connie in Colorado

    CONGRATULATIONS JACK! I couldn’t be happier for you and the kiddos! I know Im a tad bit late in wishing you good things, but I have been painting my house, so my internet was down for about a week. Today I finally caught up with your posts……..HAPPY THOUGHTS COMING YOUR WAY:)