Thank You All…

So much!!!!!  It was so heart warming to see all your comments of support and congrats!!!!  Thank you guys for sticking with me over these last two years of hell!!!

My 3 week run of guest co-Host of Welcome To The Mommyhood comes to an end this Sunday!  I had so much fun doing it, I love talking about my kids and remembering what it was like when they were babies!  The past two weeks shows can be found here... we spoke with a child agent about finding your kid a legitimate agent and the week before had a great female comedian on!  Don’t let the pod fool you… most of the time I’m quite family friendly!

Speaking of kids, the Mc Donald’s Happy Meal toys rock right now, my kids are into the How To Train Your Dragon toys!

I’m trying to use what free time I have before I start working to wrap stuff up… I have a move coming here in a little over a month!

I hope you got your taxes done… and that you’re getting a refund!  I actually owed the state money… And I didn’t have a job last year!

I’ve mentioned it on the pod, but down here at the CRN I have really taken a liking to Jack Roberts… He has great old radio stories and is a very funny guy!  Well, I have traded my video diary of the sick fish here for daily harassment of Jack… Here’s today’s video!

Still haven’t tried a KFC Double Down... I’m going to give it a chance, only so I can rub it in Stench’s face that I’ve had one and he hasn’t!

I keep forgetting to mention it, but I think Tiger Woods did more damage than good at the Masters this year.  After his “heartfelt apology”, claiming he was again embracing his buddhism and becoming a better person, he displayed his poor sportsmanship and again proved himself a liar with his profanity laced outbursts.  What a super douche!

I did all of these!  They just went for a walk.  Aliens invade midwest.  A bouncing unborn baby.  Good news ladies, Mel’s back on the market.  He thought ahead. Take me out to the ballgame… So I can fight!  Good news racist drunks, Mel is back on the market.  Just another NJ spring break.  Finally a museum I don’t want to visit!

Rock on, Jack

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  • Marylou

    Jack is kinda cute!!! And that poor fish looks like he’s pretty sick!!

  • Chris (Bruin)

    Dude, why IS the fish swimming sideways? I think the stripper gave him herpes or something. :|.

  • Chris (Bruin)

    Ah ha, it has bladder disease!

    “Constipation due to overfeeding, bad water quality and/or bacteria.

    First, do a 30% water change, taking care not to stress the fish by having the water temp as near to the tank as possible. After your water change you should not feed your fish any food for a day. On the second day feed your fish a fresh pea.”

    Never thought PEAS would be used as a treatment for anything, so I would research this more if i were you.