Dancing With The Stars, I don’t even like the show!

But I was so glad to see Kate get voted off Dancing With The Stars!  You’ve all heard my rants on the podcast,  but I really think she is one of the scummiest people in media today… correction, society today!

I had the chance to have lunch with Ron Insana (The host of the show I’m going to produce), and I really liked him.  It was such a relief, to meet him and find out he’s a good guy with a great sense of humor… I’m always afraid I’ll get stuck with another Bonaduce! The show starts May 10th, I’m really excited to get it going.  I’ll let you know where you can hear it as soon as I know.

Still no apartment, but I’m not worried yet, I still have over a month.  We looked at one the other night… Bing and Lucy liked it, well, they liked the pool!

We are small, but we are mighty!!! Mark (Miki’s husband) and Angela Channel (my sister) won the online contest on facebook thanks to all your votes, you rule!

Bing continues to plan his birthday party… Most recently Lucy is not invited, luckily she has 6 months to get back into his good graces.

In case your planning your summer vacation.   No thanks.  Shouldn’t a psychic have seen this coming?  Do you like “like“?  This is horrible, gross, disgusting!  Stench needs one of these!  Advertising opportunity.

Rock on, Jack

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  • Hi Jack
    I’m glad Kate was voted off too, even though I don’t hate her as much as you do. I feel bad for her that her husband dumped her with all those kids. I know she’s not a very nice person but now she has to raise those kids, mostly by herself cause no other man is going to want all that baggage. That’s why I feel for her. Anyways, she was too painful to watch. What a rotten dancer she is!!!!!!! OMG Get her off that show!!! She didn’t belong there at all!!

    Hope you find a great apartment with a clean pool for the kids! Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you at your new job. I’m cheering and praying for you Jack!!!

  • Miki

    Yes! I want to thank everyone again who voted for Angela and Mark! I’m so excited that BOTH of them won, and I know it’s because of the amazing support of you pod people. YOU RULE!!!

    Miki the Vegan