Holiday Weekend….

Although I’m bummed about my Mom, I’m going to try and enjoy this long weekend.  4th of July is my favorite holiday… BBQ, fireworks, warm weather, it’s just the perfect holiday (although it might be a tad better if it required costumes!)

Before I forget, today was a good Groupon… Especially if you are in the Palmdale, Torrance or Murrieta areas!

Stench has been a man of mystery the last few days, secret deals, unknown sex injuries… hopefully he’ll clear some of that stuff up next week.

I was at the CRN yesterday… Always fun, they’re good people!

The Insana Quotient has been going great… We are launching on KGIL here in L.A. August 1st from 4-6a… So if you’re up early give us a listen.

Ever try to do something nice and get treated like you did something wrong?  Yesterday I went to take the trash out and as I was walking back from the trash cans I noticed a card on the ground, it was someones ATM card.  I’m new to the building and have only met a few of the other tenants (There’s only 6 units) and to be totally honest don’t remember any of their names.  So I figure I’ll knock on my neighbors door and ask if they know who the card belongs too.  I ring the bell, a woman answers who I have not met before, I introduce myself as her upstairs neighbor and ask if she knows who the person named on the card is… ends up it was her husband.  She then proceeds to quiz me on who I am and where I got the card, like I stole it… If I had somehow taken her husbands card why would I then return it?!?!

I bought the kids the “popper” sampler pack at the market yesterday… It’s the closest thing to fireworks you can get in L.A.

Tater Tots are deadly… especially if you’re stuck in a hole in the wall?  Don’t let the bed bugs bite.  I have an idea, put some clothes on that kid!  I’m sure they’re iStunned.   There is something Fishy about this whole thing!  Are you really a “math genius” if you turn down that much money?  I know what I’m getting Stench for Christmas!!!

Have a safe and relatively sane 4th of July Weekend!

Rock On, Jack

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  • I also hope Stench clears up some of those mystery stories!! May you and your kids have a fabulous 4th of July!!

    PS: Thanks for talking about immigration reform. It interests me since I have two cousins and an aunt that are immigrants. My aunt is 80 years old and she desperately wants to be legal and a citizen. She’s been here for about 10 years now. My two cousins, actually it’s my cousin and her partner, have been here about 12 years. They both had jobs but now work out of their home making and selling cosmetic jewelery. They stay home because they are afraid of being deported. They all love the good ole USA and wish they could be legal citizens but they won’t start the process because they are afraid. These people are good decent people. They have good hearts and like you said, just want to make a good living. I do hope Obama does something to help them.

    I love you guys!!! Thanks for giving us the pod!!!!!

  • DeeSmiley

    4th of July is my fave holiday too! It’s so casual, usually pretty stress free, it’s relaxing fun family time. Too bad I’m trying to enjoy it but having some stress issues with my car :( I hate car problems!!!

    Hope we can all have a safe happy and relaxing 4th of July!