It’s Summer… Right?

It’s been so cool for July… Although, I know those of you on the East coast are frying! It’s going to be over 100 in New York today… and humid!

The kids and I had a nice weekend. Lucy learned to ride her bike (she is very proud)… Now I will move onto Bing, he is all amp’d up to learn. We went to a couple parties which are always kid favorites… A tad stressful for me, but fun for them. And we did a little BBQing… Overall a very good weekend.

It’s back to the grind today… And to court on Friday! Apparently, if you get rid of a car you have received a fix it ticket on only a judge can deal with clearing it up.

Stench announced on the podcast that he is hosting a new podcast on Tom Lykis’ new network… Good news for him, bad for Tom if Stench decides to participate in Flash Fridays!

I so got screwed Friday… Betta 2.0 died while the kids were over (although they think it was the original fish). It was very traumatic, especially the burial at sea… via the toilet. All weekend long Bing went up t people and told them “my fish died, my Dad flushed it down the toilet.” The kids want Betta 3.0… but I’m thinking maybe we go goldfish this time, they seem harder to kill!

George is a mess.  Don’t jump off piersGross.  It’s good to have friends.  Here’s a good reason to quit smoking.  Nothing like a naked guy on the couch. Stench needs this!!!

Rock On, Jack

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  • Vanessa

    It’s drizzling here in Northridge where I’m house sitting! It’s because they have a pool isn’t it?

  • Chris (Bruin)

    Of subject somewhat….

    I just ordered my own ” ‘baby’ I own”!

    I tend to kill of Goldfish…they usually die on me after three days (Usually Fair Rescues). Bettas are easier to raise at least for me, that is.

  • Chris (Bruin)

    Ha, dummy. It’d help if I knew my “of”s from my “off”s.

  • Pattie

    Sorry about the fish, Jack.
    The stories were interesting today, especially the one about the lady who kept her dead husband and sister with her in her house. Crazy, but interesting.