I have to make this quick today….

I’m bolting out of here soon to go deal with my “fix it” ticket… which to “fix” I have to go before a judge!  What a pain in the a**!

Many of you have heard me mention  Jack Roberts from the CRN… He is actually one of my favorite people.  He fell ill a couple days ago and ended up in the ICU.  Well, I am happy to report that he is making a pretty good recovery and was moved out of the ICU yesterday.  He is honestly one of the big reasons I continue to help the CRN and it was lonely without him there yesterday.

My neighbors were actually getting home when I left for work this morning… I don’t know why, but I felt like I should explain why I’m leaving the house at 1:30am?  You just feel like people think you’re up to no good when you’re stirring at that hour.

Alina is not going to be happy with today’s pod… although, I don’t feel that we often give her anything to be happy about anyway!?!?  I’m not sure why she is our friend?

OK, off to finish up work and get to court.  Have a great weekend!!!

Rock On, Jack

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