Movies and Cycling…

Those two things were pretty much what our weekend was about.

We saw Despicable Me… and we all liked it, Bing laughed out loud many times during it.  We went to the 9:30am showing on Sunday morning and over half the audience was adults without children (And about 80 % of them were men)… I’m sorry butif I didn’t have kids you wouldn’t find me at an early morning weekend screening of a kids film.

Lucy continued to kick butt on her bike… Well, except for a tiny spill that resulted in a minor scratch, that she needed to stare at for about 15 minutes waiting to see if it would bleed… Bing napped in the bike trailer during all the drama.

Bing was excited, we found a bowling game at the Toy’s R Us annex near the Burbank AMC (you  can see pics on my twitter feed ) … That little Toy’s R Us is pretty cool, everything is on sale (It’s just down from the Urban Outfitters).  That kid is crazy for anything bowling… he played with that thing for the rest of the day.

I was kidless on Friday night and did what any single guy in Los Angeles would do… Stayed home, watched a dvd and went to bed early – OK, maybe I did what any 80 year old guy in Los Angeles would do!

So far the remaining fish is still alive… Which is good because Lucy is still reeling in the drama of the last fish passing.

America’s best place to live.  Where not to go with the kids this summer.   He had a good run.  He fails.   Bacon fight.   Look what they found in the garage!

Rock On, Jack

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