It’s getting Hot In Here…

What happened to Nelly?  Anyway, I’m glad the summer weather has finally kicked in.  There is just something about hot summer nights that I love, I just want to sit out on a patio and drink ice tea all night.

My Mom and I took the kids to play a little tennis yesterday… We went to the park where I took tennis lessons as a kid.  It was weird to be back there, I clearly remembered what it felt like when I was a kid spending evening there hitting tennis balls at Daisy Wong… If you played tennis in Burbank in the 80′s you knew Daisy.

It ended up getting too hot for any bike riding for Lucy yesterday, but she pretty much has it down… She just needs to learn how to start on her own.  Speaking of childhood memories, I can’t remember who taught me how to ride a bike (I would assume my Mom), but I vividly remember the feeling of independence that bike gave me… It was only topped by getting a drivers license . It’s a different world now, I don’t think Lucy has that same feeling… She is not aloud to just go out and ride around on her own, I would take off on my bike and ride all around the neighborhood with my friends.  I want her to love her bike like I loved (and still do) mine… But you can’t force her.  By far my favorite thing as a child was cycling and it carried over into adulthood… I can’t wait til she finds her favorite (And I hope it’s something fun!)

Now if Bing doesn’t get involved in sport I’ll be shocked… That kid loves almost every sport.  We hit baseballs, kick soccer balls, roll bowling balls, put golf balls, shoot basketballs… We’re only a few years away from him realizing that his Dad sucks at all those things!

I need to get back in shape, I’ve been trying to workout but life keeps getting in the way… Although that’s just an excuse, the biggest part of staying in shape and healthy is diet, and I’ve been eating crap!

Why do we have to repeat this every year… Don’t Leave Your DogIt’ In A Hot Car!  Hey Dad, Thanks for dying this year!  Kind of awkward don’t you think?  Lucy would think this is cool!  You too can be like Mel.   Didn’t he see Caddyshack?  Finally, someone Stench wants to help!  We spoke about this on the f**king pod!

Rock On, Jack

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