Reunion Weekend

Most of this weekend was dedicated to the Dalt’s Reunion… For those of you who don’t know, Dalt’s was a restaurant in Burbank for about 20 years that I was a regular at and where I actually met my Ex-Wife.  People came from all around the country, we had a BBQ during the day Saturday and a party that night.  It was so great to see so many old friends (I was tagged in many photos, you can see them on my FB Page) and get caught up.  It was weird to sit in that room with people I have known 20+ years and think about all that has transpired in our lives in that time and how a diner in the Burbank media district brought us all together.  It was also strange for my kids to meet these people that were so involved my younger life and see the connection we have… It was like finding out your Dad had a secret life.  I never thought all those years ago, sitting at the bar having drinks that two decades later we would be sitting around a pool with all our kids sipping ice tea and sharing stories.  It was a really great experience.

Still no word from The O.C. Fair, so I’m assuming they don’t want us… Well we will just plan our own event, we don’t need fried Oreos and Weird Al to have a good time!

A “mancation“, really!?!?  Magically stuck.   What a clown.   This is sad and weird… I have my suspicions about the Fiance?  Geeks gone wild.  Being called “four eyes” might not be a bad thing.   And he’s has money waiting for him there!

Rock On, jack

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