Lucy and Bing Review Kidz Bop 21

I was offered the opportunity to review the newest in the Kidz Bop series, Kidz Bop 21…  But I thought what would my opinions matter in respect to a CD for kids, so I enlisted Lucy (my 8 year old daughter) and Bing (my 5 year old son) to listen to it with me and give their perspective on the latest (which will be released on Jan. 17th, 2012) in the series.

I figured the best way to work this was to go through each track:

1. Party Rock Anthem -

Lucy: I like how it sounds with kids singing instead of an adult.

Bing: (Bing started singing along instantly… And shortly after was dancing)  I like it because their are girls singing and the voices change.  Everybody is shuffling.

2. Moves Like Jagger

Lucy:  It sounds like the same people (She means Maroon 5… then I asked “What are moves like Jagger?”)  I don’t know, is it a move?

Bing:  I liked it, I just did.

3. The Edge of Glory

Lucy:  I like how it sounds with kids, I just like the way it sounds.

Bing:  I like that in the back it says “en-en-en-en” (??? – he’s 5)

4. You Make Me Feel

Lucy:  I like the girls robot voice.

Bing: That’s boys and girls… I like that.

5. Good Life

Lucy:  I like how they all sing together on the “Good Life” part.

Bing:  I like that they say “it’s going to be a good night.”

6. Stereo Hearts

Lucy:  At the start their were three people and they all had their own parts, I liked that.  I like this song.

Bing:  I like the “ohh ohh” part.

7. Without You

Lucy:  Don’t know this song, but I like it so far.

Bing:  I like it.  (This is the first song they weren’t already familiar with.)

8. Fly

Lucy:  I don’t know this song… I’d like to fly.  The rapping part is good.

Bing:  I like it… It says “to flyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

9. Hello

Lucy:  I know this song and I like it.

Bing:  I liked it .
OK, at this point they are running around and dancing, so we’ll get an overall review at the end of the remaining tracks.

10. We Found Love

11. It Will Rain

12. The One That Got Away

13. Good Feeling

14. Mr. Saxobeat

15. It Girl

16. Someone Like You.

Lucy: I like how the kids sing better than the adults.  I would tell my friends at school to get this CD.  I know all the songs expect 2 or 3 of them.

Bing: I just liked it all.

Dad’s turn, As I watched the kids I could tell they were really enjoying these versions of the Top 40 songs they already enjoy.  As a parent I like that I know these versions are safe for them to listen too. We’ve all had to quickly turn off a song because of content.  Most importantly, it’s not totally annoying to listen to for adults. It is not the nerve trying, stuck in your head til it hurts Wiggles song or Barney ballad.
Kidz Bop 21 gets three thumbs up from the Heine’s.

Rock on, Jack

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  • Kathleen Salter

    Thanks Jack and little Heines. Loved the review!! Merry Christmas to All and a special thanks for 5 years of podcasts!

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