2 Posts in 2 Days…

I’m on a roll!

Well, I actually have something to tell you!  Beginning Monday March 26, 2012 I will be hosting the morning show at KMIX 106.3 FM (KGMX) which is broadcast throughout the High Desert and online.  After almost a year of unemployment it is going to be so nice to get back to work!  I’m not going to lie, I have never hosted a show by myself (well except the “Just Jack” podcasts) so I’m a little nervous… But I’m excited for the challenge.  It will be fun to be back at a music station (no offense to talk radio!), I really enjoy music and it will be cool to spin the hits (although no more actual spinning takes place at modern radio stations!)

I am bummed that I will no longer be able to volunteer with the P.E. program at my kids school, I have really enjoyed getting the chance to spend that extra time with my kids and help their classmates.  And as I stated in my last blog, I really think P.E. is important and needed more than ever in our history.   Hopefully once I get settled into this new position I will be able to find someway to volunteer in other programs at the school.

Stench continues his producing duties at KDAY and has also started working on a new project called Boys v. Girls.   Jamie is blowing it up at Alice in Denver…  She was just featured in the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

This weekend I will be officiated Kevin and Holly’s wedding… Wish me luck!  They gave me a four page script… which I have memorized about 2 lines of! I’m going to need a cheat sheet!  The kids are very excited to get dressed up…  And see Daddy make a fool of himself!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but if you get a chance check out my friend Mike’s blog…  I really enjoy it.

I have joined Pinterest…  Not totally sure about it yet, but I post lots of cool stuff on it.

Still loving Fab…  They have the coolest stuff!

Alright I think that’s it for now.

Rock On, Jack

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  • Lisa Campbell

    Congratulations Jack!!!

  • Kricki

    So happy for you Jack! Good luck!

  • debbie

    I’ll be listening, online from work! GREAT NEWS, JACK!! see, you still RULE!!