R.I.P. DrunkJack.com

Back when I was a younger man and on the radio with Carson Daly my sister had a really good idea… Lets make a website!  This was like 97 or 98 and websites were not the norm, we tried to get jack.com but that was taken by a gambling site, so we settled on drunkjack.com (I may have liked to go out and have a drink or two back then).  It was really just a place to post pics of our exploits in the local bars with our friends…  And that’s what it was for a long time.  Then I worked my way onto the STAR 98.7 morning show with Jamie and Danny and they started to promote it.  We started to have local bar nights with we would promote and feature photos on the site… But more importantly we had a chat board (remember those!)  A small little community built around that chat board and we made many friends through it.

A few years down the road we had Lucy and my life slowed down, I decided that the “drunkjack” site no longer really represented who I was and we switched to Dadjack…  From that point on the drunkjack name just redirected to the pod site and I have just re-newed it year after year thinking that those who only remembered me from those days would be able to find me.   Well technology has progressed and many, many years have passed, so I figure if you haven’t sobered up and found me yet you most likely don’t want to!

So today I let drunkjack.com expire.  We had some really fun times and made great friends that will continue on long after the site is forgotten, but now we continue on…  Not to mention that Japanese band named “Drunk Jack” that wanted the site for years can now get it (if they’re still together!)

Rock on, DADJACK


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