Lots “o” Cool Stuff Going On!

Spring is a fun time of the year! (Other than taxes being due!!!)

Let me start with stuff going on this weekend.  Saturday is Burbank On Parade…  A Burbank tradition!  The parade goes down Olive Ave. between Buena Vista and Victory, right past the Tallyrand!  I know they’re predicting rain, but I’m hoping for a dry few hours during the parade.  While in Burbank stop at the Downtown Burbank Arts Festival which runs both Saturday and Sunday…  Right in the heart of downtown, it’s a cool mix of art and entertainment.

Sunday is CicLaVia ….  This is one of the coolest events held in Los Angeles.  About 10 miles of downtown L.A. streets are blocked off from cars but open to cyclists and pedestrians.  You get to see parts of the city in ways you never have before.  It is a great event of serious cyclists and kids on tricycles alike, a must do for anyone who loves L.A.

Next weekend is The Lancaster Poppy Festival, sure it’s about 45 minutes outside of L.A. but it is one of the hippest events in the high desert.  This year they have added a few new attractions including a live shark show and a Zip Line that carries you over the festival.  (We’ll be giving away admission tickets on KMIX 106.3 all next week… But it’s not that expensive – $5 for kids and $8 adults.)

Another upcoming High Desert event I’m excited for is The City of Palmdale’s “Tour de Palmdale Poker Run Fun Bike Ride”…  A 30mile fun ride across Palmdale where you collect cards and those with the best hands at the end will win prizes.  It takes place on May 5, 2012 at 10 am at Marie Kerr Park, located at 2723 Rancho Vista in Palmdale.  It’s all in honor of the Amgen Tour which stops in the city May 18th.

At home I am excited for Bing, he starts his bowling league at the end of this month…  He is really pumped up to be on a real bowling team and have a coach!  Lucy starts Little League this weekend… Although game 1 may be a rain-out!

We still haven’t nailed down a date for a Pod event, but I’m thinking we’ll return to Tony P’s when we do!  Stench has his return to stand-up coming up next month, I will post the exact date and time when they have it nailed down.

I still am a huge FAB fan and have been regularly posting to Pinterest…  And if you haven’t had a chance please “like” my work page!  (I’m trying to build it up!)

I will post more soon!

Rock On, Jack


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  • Bruin

    Coolness! I’ve never been to Tony Ps.