Lucy Inspired me…

She is so excited for her new blog/website and wants to post non-stop…  It made me feel guilty about posting so little!  So I thought I’d give some quick updates

Stench has a new TV project he’s working on, as soon as he releases  the details I will post them (He’s really excited, I hope it works out for him!!!)

I continue to rock mornings at KMIX 106.3… Although we are still not streaming!  If you want the stream back be sure to let our GM know at . It was fun having you Non-A.V. people listening too!

Speaking of the A.V., the kids and I have become quite fond of Drytown Water Park…  It’s worth the drive out there!  It’s smaller and less crowded than the more well-known water parks…  and less expensive! If you have a chance this summer hit it mid-week, you’ll hardly wait for anything!

I’m excited for the Olympics…  Although I’m not a fan of the edited, pre-packaged, time delayed presentation we get now… I miss when they would air them live! (I know you can watch live online… But you have to be a cable/dish subscriber to get the feed, and I am not!)

My Sister organized a Burbank Instameet yesterday, which was a lot of fun!  I think (keyword think, I’m still not 100% on how to link to my pics)  you can see my pics here… Or search #instameetburbank for all of our photos.

Podcast chugs along, we’re up to 1316 shows!!!

Ok, I think that’s it… If I think of anything else I’ll post it!

Rock On, Jack


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  • Chris

    Inspired by GHMike and Placenta Kevin … Nelson has been emailed. Just one other thing to miss about coming back to the office … no more field work, no more listening to Jack. Bummer.

  • Just sent a request to resume streaming. Thanks for letting us know how.

  • WhaleRiot

    I remember watching the Olympics as a kid all night long to see the best moments. Definitely the only time I wish I had cable, hopefully 2016 Olympics will no longer rely on cable.