End of Summer

Well summer officially ends this weekend…  And I think overall it was a pretty good one.  Although short this year (L.A.U.S.D. changed their schedule so the kids really only had about  6 weeks or so) it feels like we had the chance to do a bunch of stuff (Even with the limitations of my messed up work schedule.)

To be honest, I’m not looking forward to the fall/winter… Not due to the weather, but the stress of my under-employment.  With the change in the leafs comes Halloween, school fundraisers, both my kids birthday’s and the holidays…  All things I cannot afford right now.  I have been searching high and low for a better paying job (and I don’t make much, so it is not like it should be that hard), so far I have had a few little nibbles, but no actual bites.  Since being fired from STAR 98.7 and getting divorced over 5 years ago I have continued to hope things would get better, but they have just kept plunging…  There have been little teases of hope, usually followed by greater disappointment.  It is truly exhausting (Not to b***h too much, I know many of you are in the same boat.)

To get off the subject of my crappy life… The Space Shuttle flies into L.A. tomorrow! I was kind of bummed it was delayed, it was supposed to land today and I have the day off work so I could have watched it cruise over the L.A. skyline… I’m hoping to be able to see it take off from Palmdale from my work!

If you haven’t yet, check out Lucy’s website, she is very proud of it… And I’m proud of her for her passion for sharks and her creative output.

Stench has a New Project where he does a daily morning show (click link to listen live)…  There is also a handfull of TV and internet shows associated with it, more details as they become available.

I still post news stories daily on Facebook… If you get a chance “like” my page!  Until they start streaming again (which I don’t foresee happening any time soon) there is no need to promote my radio show…  I’ll let you know when/if it comes back online.

Other places you can find me online: On The PodKlout, Instagr.am, Facebook (my personal page), Twitter and Four Square.

And the Pod Hotline is 916-MR-BACON

Rock On, Jack

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