9 and 6

Yesterday Lucy turned 9 and today Bing turned 6!  I would love to say the years have flown by, but the past 5 years were pretty rough… I am very happy to say that we have made the best of the time we’ve had together and I can honestly say that I have been able to get in a lot of quality time!  Even though the past 6 months have been extremely tough for me financially we were able to still get a really great birthday celebration together (with a lot of help from my Sister, Mom and Wendy! Thanks!)  I was able to score some park hopper tickets to the Disneyland Resort from work, so we spent an epic day at California Adventure and Disneyland (our goal was to stay until it closed at midnight, but at about 9pm Bing looked at me and said “Daddy I cant make it anymore” and then promptly fell asleep in my arms!)  The new Cars Land is truly great (And you know I’m not a huge Disney person, so if I say it I mean it), although the wait for the Radiator Springs Racer was crazy long!  The following day my Mom and Wendy threw the kids a little party and made sure they had their favorite desserts!  Last night my Sister, Angela, took us out to dinner on Lucy’s actual birthday, so overall it was a really fun 9 and 6!

Bing and Lucy sporting their Birthday Buttons at Disneyland

Lucy called into my radio show yesterday, always fun to have her on! Here’s the audio:

Lucy calls into my radio show on KMIX 106.3 on her 9th birthday!

Baby Bing



Baby Lucy

Halloween was also fun, for the first time we went to Toluca Lake…  It was crazy crowded, full of all kinds of kids and adults in costume, the kids loved it!  I busted out the Teletubbie costume which is always a crowd favorite and Lucy was Katy Perry and Bing was the Unknown Phantom with light up eyes!

Bing as the "Unknown Phantom" and Lucy as "Katy Perry" on Halloween 2012


In the same old news, I continue to be painfully under-employed…  If you know anyone looking for someone with radio and social media skills send them my way!

I was invited to a speed pitching event… basically a bunch of products were presented to us for possible coverage on our blogs.  There were some standouts that I will cover in future blogs, but one of my favorites was Steaz.  Steaz is a collection of green tea based beverages, the energy drink (which I tested out after getting only 3 hours sleep after Halloween) is really good…  It’s not as syrupy and sweet as Red Bull and doesn’t rev you up as much as a Monster, it is a more adult (and natural) energy drink!  I highly recommend giving it a try if you see it at your local market.

The pod continues on, Alina stops by often and we continue to complain… so after 1370 hours not much has changed!

Rock on, Jack


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  • Ruth

    She sounds so grown up. Happy Birthday to both of them

  • monica

    :-) bday!! To bing&lucy! Disney always a :-) & fun place for the kids.

  • A great regret of mine is not having children. I genuinely love children, but single parenthood is not. I experienced many milestone through my nephew’s growing; but to see how nicely your children have grown and how proud you are, I missed that. I wish both a wonderful day and many more.