First Blog of 2013…

I know it’s February 19th, and that’s it’s been a long time, but here it finally is, my first blog of the new year.   Last year ended in a lot of drama and despair for me and my family and I just couldn’t find the right mental place to post, but it’s time to get back to the keyboard.

I’m still waking up the A.V. on KMIX 106.3 , still hoping to find something closer with slightly better pay…  It’s not that I don’t love the people at the station (I have made so many great friends), but the exhaustion of getting up at 2am, the stress of not making ends meet and the long drive takes it’s toll on you.  I really want to be able to rest and actually enjoy life (something I haven’t been really able to do in the 5+ years since my divorce.)

I’m sure by now you know, but Bing’s blanket Baby Juniorson has his own Facebook page…  Well now thanks to Angela and Ethan he also has his own Harlem Shake video  (Which also features our family… and our collection of costumes!)

The kids  have both been playing basketball…  and both kicking butt!!!  Lucy has played many seasons and continues to get better and better!!!  She is sinking her second free throw in a row in the photo above!  This is Bing’s first season and he’s really enjoying it.  That’s my little #1 moving the ball down the court in the above pic!

Believe it or not, the Podcast continues on… who would have thought it would last over 5 years and almost 1500 one-hour episodes! Stench will be featured in a new web series on, I’ll let you know when it launches.  Jamie continues to rock Denver on Alice.

Thank you all for continuing to stick with me, the blog, the pod and every other random thing I do!  You guys rule!!!

Rock On, Jack

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  • Robin

    If only you knew how many of us can’t wait to download the podcast and listen to what has happened or not happened in yours or Stretch’s world. You guys make me smile and sometimes it is the only time I do during the day.

  • I truly appreciate your and Stench’s daily efforts making me and many other’s so happy with the Podcast… been there since day 1 and look forward to each Pod… I admire your inner strength for dealing with all the challenges you’ve faced since the demise of Star… you are a great dad, son, brother, nephew, cousin and Radio Personality!!! Thank you for your loyalty and effort you share!!! Diane from the Tragic Kingdom