Normal People

Trust me, I know there is no such thing as “normal people”, we all have our quirks and issues…  But it was nice to feel like a normal person on Friday.  For years now I have had bizarre hours (I currently wake at 2am for work), financial issues (divorce and years of under-employment will do that to you) and have chosen to focus most of my available resources on my kids (This doesn’t bug me!) which has made for little to no social life.  Friday I decided to meet up with people for happy hour (something years back I used to do fairly regularly) and had a very good time.  It was so great to get to hang out with friends, be out after the sun was down (I’m like a reverse vampire!) and have a few drinks (which I rarely can afford to do… and really couldn’t right now, but decided I needed to get out!)  When you are not able to live in the normal world with normal people (you know what I mean!) it takes it’s toll on you…  I enjoyed my furlough from my isolated life.

Both kids wrapped up their basketball seasons on Saturday… and they both did a great job!  Lucy has played for several seasons and continues to get better and better.  This was Bings first time playing and he improved and learned so much, I am so proud of both of them!

Bing hustles down the court

Bing blocking (I'm not sure what the rest of the kids are doing?)

The ball gets inbounded to Bing

The ball gets inbounded to Bing

He takes the shot!

Admiring his trophy

Lucy blocking

Lucy blocking

You can't take the ball from Lucy!

You can't take the ball from Lucy!

This little guy thinks he can guard Lucy

making a pass

So proud of her trophy

Next up, baseball!

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Rock On, Jack

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  • Lori Arvizu

    I feel ya, Jack. There are more of us in the same situation as you, than you may realize. Hang in there and know that you are not alone!