Whales, Sea Lions and Dolphins, Oh My

Ok, it wasn’t quite the Wizard of Oz, but it was a fun adventure. Last weekend the folks at Dana Wharf Sport Fishing & Whale Watching invited The kids, my Sister and me out to do some whale watching.

Dana Wharf

The Tours are 2 hours long, the boat is large with plenty of room for everyone to get a great view and the crew was kind, informed and helpful.  The Captain is constantly pointing out interesting ocean life and had a vast amount of information on all the animals we were able to view.

Sea Lions welcome us to the open sea

Keep in mind there is no guarantee which or how many animals you will see, a lot depends on the time of the year, migration patterns, weather and a host of other things. On our tour (we took the noon-2p boat) we were able to see Fin Whales, Sea Lions, Sunfish and a bunch of Dolphins (and to be totally honest, just being able to see the big herd of dolphins would have been enough… They were so cool to watch.)

Fin Whale

Fin Whale

Lucy and Bing hanging out on the boat

Fin Whale just off the boat


Waiting for a fin whale to surface again

Dolphins all lined up

A dolphin follows the boat

I think the kids would second my opinion (And I know my Sister would!), I highly recommend Dana Wharf Sport Fishing & Whale Watching for a fun, educational, exciting afternoon on the Pacific Ocean.

For More Info:

Dana Wharf Sport Fishing & Whale Watching

(949 496-5794 or email: info@danawharfsportfishing.com

To See more photos form Angela Channel (My Sister) – Flickr or on her Whale Watching Page

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