More Summer, Less Bummer

Burbank Sunset #1


I’m not exactly sure why, but I am looking forward to this summer.  It feels to me that things are getting better (I read all the negative posts online about the end of the world and the destruction of America… which I firmly think are crap), although I have not secured a better job yet, I have noticed way more opportunities available (and have applied to a bunch! Wish me luck!)

The kids and I have no firm vacation plans as of right now, but we always seem to find fun stuff to do.  A few weeks ago we took the subway to USC for the book fair which was fun… Los Angeles is a huge city, there are many adventures to have right in our backyard.  I want to take them to Grand Park (which is right off the subway) when it warms up, there are some great fountains for them to play in.  Bing has been hounding me to visit the Vasquez Rocks, we see them when we travel to my work events and he really wants to explore them.  They always love the La Brea Tar Pits, we’ve been about a dozen times and they never get board.  ( A really good deal is to get a membership to The Natural History Museum, it not only gets you into the NHM but the Tar Pits too!)  And then there are all the fairs and festivals that take place all over the city.

My Sister signed us up for a 5K walk for the California Wildlife Center this past weekend.  Lucy did an amazing job, finishing with ease (I know 3.2 miles isn’t crazy long, but for a 9 year old it’s pretty far!), I am very proud of her.  Bing made it half way… Not bad for a little guy! (He rode the 2nd half back on my shoulders… Surprising, I wasn’t sore the next day.)  The walk was actually on the beach, the weather wasn’t the best, but it was still nice to trek the sand of Malibu.

Burbank Sunset #2

In pod news, we crossed the 1500 hour mark this week… Yes, that is over 62 days of straight podcasts (If you were to listen to them all in a row… which I do not recommend!) It hasn’t always been easy, but I am proud of Stench and myself to sticking with it and equally proud of all the great people who have stuck with us!  Thank you so much to all the Pod Peeps… You Rule.

I thought I’d share some new music that I’ve been listening to, this one Brian at work turned me onto, It’s called “Let Her Go” by Passenger… The whole album is pretty good, if you get a chance check it out on Spotify:


You might recognize this one from the credit card commercial it was in, it is actually a really great song! “Into The Wild” by LP:

David Usher has new music out and it is really good, but since I’m pretty sure most of you aren’t familiar with him I thought I’d share my favorite song from him “St Lawrence River” (click here to check out his new stuff!):

If you get a chance check out my Instagram gallery, I post there almost daily!

Burbank Sunset #3


Alright, that’s it for now.  Just wanted to post, I haven’t in a while!

Rock On, Jack

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  • Maria

    I love the music, Jack. Thanks for sharing. I hope you let her go from your heart.

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