5 Days…

5 more on-air shifts, 5 more 2am commutes on the 14 freeway, 5 more Gossip Mixes and Questions Of The Day.  The kids asked me this morning if I would ever be on the radio again, I told them that I could not say never, but that the odds are pretty good I won’t be.  It has been a very exciting ride, from being “Who The Hell Is Jack” on KROQ,  years sharing births and life events with many of you on STAR 98.7, Having the pleasure of working with Tony and Kris on New Country in San Diego, Waking up with the extremely intelligent Ron Insana on the national airwaves and finally spending the last year talking to the Antelope Valley every morning.  I have so many great memories and have met  so many amazing people, I am so grateful.

This last year was exceptionally challenging, if not for the commute alone (I drove from Burbank to Palmdale at 2am every morning.)  I have to say that I’m very proud of myself, I was never late, never overslept and only didn’t make it once because of snow on the 14 freeway.  My new commute is about 5 miles during normal morning hours…  And I plan on always being on-time and reliable there too!

This is an opportunity to start over, I will be pretty low on the totem pole, but there is the ability to climb higher… and that is all I can ask for, a chance to be in a better place.  I am beyond excited (and nervous… But it’s the good nervous that I haven’t felt in a long time!)  Here’s to new challenges and opportunities in 2013 1/2!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means I’m getting a bunch of press releases on gift ideas (In my opinion gifts made by the kids are the best… But some of these were interesting so I thought I’d share them.)  Cap That is a site that lets you put photos on all kinds of stuff ranging in price from $5-$200 (Hats, shirts, mugs, woodprints, etc.)… The cool part of this site is that not only can you upload a pic from your computer but you can pull from social media too (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), so those great photos you shot on your phone, posted to Instagram and then accidentally deleted can now be dropped right onto a trucker hat for Dad! If your Dad is old school check out Prep Sportswear… They sell stuff with vintage sports logos on it, so you can get Dad that same Rams T-Shirt he had when he still had hair!  For the brand new Dad The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year is a great gift to get him up to speed.  And finally Groupon has a whole page of Father’s Day deals.

Kids wrap up the baseball/t-ball season this weekend.  They really seemed to enjoy it, this was the first sport that Bing could really participate in fully (He liked basketball, but there were skills he couldn’t quite perform yet.)  I’m sure I will have a bunch of photos to post next week.

Have a great/safe weekend!

Rock on, Jack

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  • Mickey Canas Chapman

    I’m not n FB anymore, only on Instagram, so I had no idea you were changing jobs. I have been quietly observing and listening (not stalking) for years now. You have had an amazing journey. You are an amazing father and an amazing person. You deserve the best that life has to offer (cliche, right). Seriously I am so happy for you. Congratulations Jack!!!

  • Jan

    I am so happy for you Jack. Sounds like you are finally in a good place on the job front. You are an amazing father and your kids are so fortunate to have you as their Dad. Rock on Jack!!