Summer Is Here!

And the heat is on!  I’m not going to lie… I like it!

It was weird, this morning I dropped Lucy off for a sleepover at her friends…  That is my baby, who now is going on sleepovers!  It is cliche to say “they grow-up so fast”… But it’s true!  Being unemployed so much over the past 6 or so years was both a curse and a blessing, on one hand it was very stressful, on the other it afforded me a lot of extra time with the kids when they were little.  I’m so glad I made good use of that time volunteering at school, going on outings and just spending time with both of them.

I really am enjoying my new job, there are lots of new challenges.  I wish I was picking it up a little faster, but I’m trying really hard, so hopefully it will start to click soon!  Everyone there has been super helpful and supportive.  It reminds me of Star 98.7 when I started there… A small group of really talented people who enjoy what they are doing and the people they do it with.  It’s also an exciting time to be at the label, a few of our artists are on the climb.

(Full disclosure: Both of the artists below are on the record label I work for, so my opinion might be a tad biased…  But I think they’re really good!)

Here’s Passenger performing at the Pink Pop Festival to over 30,000 people

I’m amazed you don’t hear this one every time you turn on the  radio yet, it’s Boy “Little Numbers”

And those are just a couple examples, we also have up and coming artists Savoir Adore, The Paper Kites, Lily Kershaw, Hey Ocean and a bunch more.

OK, enough about work.  We were outside playing the other day and Bing grabbed a toy out of the garage and wandered off… When I looked it was the Ultra Stomp Rocket.  This could be the best toy ever!  It costs less than $15 ($12 something at Target), it requires no set up (pull it out of the box and play) and the kids love it.  We have had this thing for over 5 years and both kids still play with it all the time… And we play with it together!  They love to go to the park and see how high I can make it fly and they try to catch it.  So if you’re looking for a gift for a child in the 3 (although it is recommended for kids 5 and over… Bing has been playing with it since he was 2) to 11 range this one gets 5 “Rock On’s” from me (I just came up with that… thumbs and stars have been taken, so I will rate things on a 1 (Don’t bother) to 5 (amazing) “Rock On” scale.)

And just to show I’m not totally brain-washed by my new gig… Here’s some other great music I’m digging right now (none of which is on Nettwerk Records.)

I find myself walking around singing this one

I’m going to go see this guy in September at the Roxy!  One of my all time favorites.

This one has been out for a little while, but I just think it’s amazing.  Reminds me of Echo & The Bunnymen.

As always, Thank you guys for hanging in with me for all these years… Through marriages, multiple jobs, podcasts and all the other various craziness!!!  You Rule!

Rock On, Jack

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