So I Know She Can Dance

Stacey when she was a Rams Cheerleader

Like many people I still know to this day, I met Stacey at Dalt’s (A now defunct Burbank restaurant.)  She was fresh from Texas, working as a hostess while she was in pursuit of her dream… To be a professional dancer.  Stacey is the kind of person who lights up a room and makes everyone smile, the definition of southern charm.  People like to be around her… Lucy who has only met her a few times instantly bonded with her and asks me about her often.

We speak about the hospital from Scrubs on the podcast frequently…  It has always been weird for me to see it on television.  That hospital was once not a TV set, but the scene of real drama, a working hospital where lives were changed.  It was that hospital that Stacey was brought to when she had her seizure.  All of her friends from Dalt’s came to visit her… I remember to this day going there, I had never stepped foot in that facility before.

That was over 20 years ago.  They determined that Stacey had a brain tumor, she had to undergo surgery and treatment. They cut as close to her brain as they possibly could, and it looked like things might be good… Although it messed up some of her motor skills and the dance career looked like a lost dream.  Sadly, I could repeat the last few sentences multiple more times because over the course of the past 20 years cancer has reared it’s ugly head over and over again… and Stacey has fought hard while keeping spirits high and continuing to stay involved in the dance community (mainly as a teacher.)

I don’t know how to put this (In face I have been sitting here just staring at the screen trying to figure it out for the last 30 minutes)… So I’m just going to say it.  My friend Stacey has been told the fight is over, the cancer has spread deeper into her brain than they can cut or poison.

One of her dreams is to dance on So You Think You Can Dance… And her friends have started a Facebook Page to try and make this happen.  I am asking two (maybe three favors): 1 please like this page (click on link!!!), 2 please share with others (3 if you know anyone on the production staff of SYTYCD please get this to them… This is Hollywood, one of you may have connections!!!!)

Here’s Stacey’s story in her own words:

Thank You!!!!! Jack

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  • Ruth – TN

    Absolutely will do. Sorry about your friend Jack

  • Debbie

    Stacey has such a beautiful spirit & a warm & outgoing way about her ~ I pray her dream becomes reality!! GOD BLESS HER!