Wrinkle In Time

Every time there is a fire locally I always think about what I would take if I had to evacuate…  Photos, important documents (Of which I have very few), the computer and the kids art.  What if you had a little more time, like 3 days and you knew there was very limited storage room where you will end up?  That’s what happened when I got divorced, I had about three days to take my stuff and what was left of the community property, knowing I would be staying at my sisters for an undetermined amount of time (It ended up being a year.)  My Sister helped me, I took the important stuff and some of the less important stuff that had sentimental value or I just had enough room to hold on to.  Much had to be thrown away (I just didn’t have time to pack it all up and bring it to Goodwill.)  It was a very weird experience… it was like evacuating your life.

I try and not think of those times, 6 years past, but every once in a while something reminds me.  I remember looking at the iron and running it through the keep it or not filter in my head.  It did not make the cut, even if it was small, the space it would occupy seemed better saved for other items… And I had never really had to use it, when you wake up at 3a and play on the radio no one really cares how wrinkled your shirt is! And at that point it was my plan to keep working in radio.

I just finished my first month at my new job and I realized I need an iron… I’m now in an office full of people during normal business hours (a first for me), so looking like you wore your outfit to bed the night before just doesn’t fly anymore.  So I made a trip to the mall and purchased a new iron (not the fancy Shark one, Lucy would be so disappointed in me!)  Just feeling it’s weight in my hands brought me back to that almost empty condo, clock ticking until I had to have it empty, going through the shrapnel of my life.  I have full faith it will make my shirts look crisp and smooth… The wrinkles in my memory might not be as easily eliminated.

Friday was my first time (and most likely last seeing as they are moving the show to New York in the fall) attending a Tonight Show taping.  It was very cool, pretty much our whole office went because our artist Passenger was the musical guest… And I think it was an amazing performance, but you can judge for yourself (Sorry they only have the full episode posted, but the performance is at the end!)  Afterward I figured I try out the new Claim Jumper , which replaced McCormicks and Schmicks, which replaced Dalt’s.  It is the same floor plan as Schmicks had (not the same as Dalt’s), the Happy Hour menu was not great, the service was good, the bar itself is not the best layout and not exactly the most comfortable… Overall I wouldn’t recommend the bar, the restaurant is fine (It’s the same as any other Claim Jumper.)

The kids are still out of town… It always feels weird, they are not here everyday normally, but when they are out of the state it always feels strange and like they are a million miles away.  they have called and are having a good time… I’m just excited for them to get back.

Speaking of the kids, Thank you Aunt Angela, she bought them these awesome Shark Week Tom’s … They are going to flip when they see them.

This was forwarded to me from one of the Pod Peeps, it is a petition to get Terry’s Law on the books… It basically gives police the right to search the property of the family of a missing child right away.  There have been a couple cases recently where this may have helped, take a look and sign if you agree.

OK, I think that’s it for now.

Rock On, Jack

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  • Mary Lou

    It seems that the iron is a symbol that puts an end to a chapter in your life titled, the Lost Boy. The new chapter should be called, A New Beginning… I love reading your blog, Jack.