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I haven’t wrote a proper blog in a while, so I have a bunch of stuff to tell you guys about!

A few weeks back the kids, my sister, our cousin and I were lucky enough to go on a kayaking and snorkeling excursion in La Jolla.  Now I guess I should back up a bit and make a confession… In my old age I have developed a weird fear of the ocean, well not the whole ocean, just the part I can’t touch the bottom of! When I was younger I would swim out and play in the surf and it never bothered me, but in recent years it freaks me out alittle (OK, a lot!)  So the plan was to kayak out (that part I was totally fine with) and then snorkel near some caves (this part I wasn’t thrilled about seeing as we would be in about 15-20ft of water), and finally swim out from shore and snorkel with leopard sharks (Not OK!)  But all was going to be good because my crazy whale hugging sister and adventurous young cousin were there, so all I had to do was sit in a kayak and keep a watchful Dad eye on things (I’m totally capable of that!)  Well, plans changed, after kayaking out to the first snorkeling area my sister decided she was saving herself for the swim with the sharks portion (In her defense she doe have an allergy to the cold… No really) and my cousin didn’t want to snorkel, but Lucy was gung-ho to hit the water… So I went with her, I was fairly terrified when we started (although I couldn’t let her know that!), but a weird thing happened… It was actually very beautiful and peaceful.  We saw sea lions swim by us and tons of little fish… And I mean, what the heck at least I wasn’t going to have to swim with the sharks in the murky water just off the shore.  So we finished up that part of the tour and it was awesome and we started to paddle back.  Oh ya, the whole time Bing has been on the kayak with my sister and me, he originally didn’t want to go, but then decided he could handle a boat ride.  On the way back in they explain to you how to surf in without wiping out… Well my sister and I must not have listened because we caught a wave and rode it for a while before flipping over (I think Bing was a tad shocked… but he later admitted it was fun! And it was!) Now it was time to swim out just past the breakers and swim with the leopard sharks.  My Sister and Cousin headed out before Lucy and I, my plan was to let them get out there and hand of Lucy and head back to shore… Well, as Lucy and I made our way out (we were slow in our flippers) my Sister and Cousin were heading back in! (WTF!) They said it was too rough… Now keep in mind Lucy has been talking about doing this for months and I have no idea when we will have an opportunity like this again!?!? So I grab Lucys hand and we swim out together (and again I’m freaking out a bit and can’t let her know.) We were in about 10 to 15 feet of water when a 5ft long leopard shark swam right below us! Against my better judgement we followed it and came upon a few more.  We would follow them for a bit and then they would lose us and we’d find a few more and repeat the process.  I was so focused on holding onto Lucy and chasing these stupid sharks that I forgot I was afraid… And she ultimately got to swim with sharks in the wild (with her Dad!)   So while it is true that 9 years ago when that little girl was born, eyes wide open, looking at me I never thought some day I will have to swim with sharks, it was totally worth it.

The camera I brought was acting up and I haven’t seen the photos I took with my sisters camera yet… here are a few crappy ones I took:

From the kayak... This is where we snorkeled

That's Lucy's foot


My snorkeling buddy: Lucy the shark whisperer


Speaking of the ocean and sun and fun!  A cool new website called Stunner Of The Month asked me to review their service/products. So let fill you in how Stunner works:  It’s fairly easy, you sign up and for $9 a month they send you a new pair of sunglasses each month.  It’s actually a really fun idea (especially if you know a teen or college kid!)  Now don’t expect to get Ray-Bans, but the glasses you do get only have to last you a month because the following month there will be a new pair.  Lucy and Bing have loved the surprise of finding the little white box containing mystery specs each month.  You can also gift someone 3, 6 or 12 months.  If you think it’s fun to mix up your sunglasses and (like me!) love to get stuff in the mail I highly recommend Stunner Of the Month!

Here’s the kids in their “Stunners”

My little model


They're great for wearing while walking grandma and Wendy's dog

There is a ton of great music out there right now! (and not all of it is on the label I work for ;) )

I saw this guy when I was in Boulder and have had his E.P. in my car on heavy rotation ever since. Tom O’Dell writes amazing songs and has incredible energy live… This is one of my favorite tracks.

Also digging this one right now… And not just because David Bowie sings some of the backing tracks!

And then finally, this one is on the label I work for and I absolutely love it! It’s Australian band Boy & Bear the album comes out in January, but this single is available now.

The kids wrapped up their basketball seasons and both did great.  I took hundreds of photos, but here are just a couple that I thought captured their intensity (well as intense as a 6 and 9 year old can be)

Lucy catching a rebound

He made the basket... Too bad I was zoomed in!

I have a new art project I have been working on…. Photos of bees on my family members! OK, not really but it’s happened a lot lately while I’ve had my camera with me.

Bee on Bing

Bee on Angie

It makes sense that by the time I got around to writing this blog it has cooled down… But if it gets hot again I suggest Grand park in downtown L.A.  They have a fountain kids (and adults) can cool off in and it’s subway close.

Grand Park

And finally we spent our final weekend at our relatives house in La Jolla and I thought I would share our final sunsets with you.

La Jolla Sunset

La Jolla Sunset 2013


Rock On, Jack

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  • Kricki

    Love the blogs Jack. Good job ignoring your fears for a lil bit. It’s a good lesson for all of us. If we can get over those little things that we are afraid of we have see awesome things

  • Ruth

    I would be so mad with you if you left that bee on me long enough to take the picture. lol ;-)