A Decade Of Dadding

Baby Lucy

I have never been a planner… for better or worse.  I think it’s a defense mechanism, if there are no plans there is no chance of being disappointed.  Some people have their whole life planned out, they know where they are going…  My life GPS has never really worked.  I never thought I would have been a radio personality, or have had a podcast that has lasted over 6 years… or most outrageously, become a father!

When I found out we were having Lucy I was terrified.  What did I know about taking care of a baby? Would I be able to provide for a family?  What if I mess up?  Well, like all parents find  you figure it out.  You’re not perfect and you make mistakes, but in the long run if you love your child and try really, really hard it all works.

This Thursday that baby will be 10 years old, a full decade.  ( And Bing will be 7 years old on Friday!!!!) I’ve been doing this Dad thing for 10 years now… It hasn’t always been smooth (unemployment and divorce), There have been challenges (too many to mention, but trying to make an acceptable ponytail comes to mind this second) and I often have no idea what I’m doing… But I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything.

The one thing I have tried to do is foster instead of force… I want the kids to do the things they really enjoy.  Over the years they have developed their own unique interests.  Lucy loves sharks and basketball, while Bing is into bowling, golf and cars… And it has been so rewarding to watch them excel at these interests and to know these things are activities they truly love.  Last week Lucy was awarded a certificate of excellence for a dance she choreographed and performed, She was so proud and I was so proud of her… That was my gift for 10 years of parenting, I can’t wait for the next 10 years!

Award For Excellence in Dance

I did have a parenting fail this Halloween, Bing really wanted to be a Puffle from Club Penguin… I searched, but no costumes were commercially available, so I set out to make one.  The idea of making a Puffle costume was much easier than the reality, so I ended up asking him if he’d like to pick something else… He was a great sport and picked a skeleton costume, but I’m not going to lie, I felt kind of guilty for failing.  Halloween has always been our  holiday and I really try and make it special, not being able to make that costume happen broke my heart.  When it was all said and done we had a great Halloween and both kids were happy with their costumes… But next year I will not let the Puffle (or whatever is the “puffle” of the moment) beat me!

My zombie and skeleton

The podcast continues on.  The people at Fresh Breasts have been kind enough to provide us with some samples… So we’re going to put it to the test on Alina and Stench.  I’ll post the results after we conduct our scientific study!  I also wanted to thank the people at Stunner Of The Month for another month of cool sunglasses… This really is a fun gift idea for the teen or college student in your life.



In the world of music here are some of my current favorites:

Boy & Bear is an Australian band on Nettwerk Records (The label I work for…I may be biased, but I think this is a great song!)

Knapsack hasn’t toured or released anything in over 15 years… But they reunited for a short tour this month and I thought I’d share a highlight from the show my sister and I attended.

And I can’t remember if I posted this one before… But even if I did, it’s worth reposting.

OK, I think that’s it for now.

Rock On, Jack

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  • Cami Hoffman

    Jack….you are just awesome…..just the way you are….keep being you…..

  • Sandra Alvarado

    Having lost my father one year ago, I can tell you that you are a valuable key to what your children can overcome and who they will become.
    Your “fathering” reminds me of my dad. He never made us feel like any of our ideas were crazy or any of our dreams unattainable. His main goal in life was to see his kids succeed and to make us happy.
    Your kids are perfectly well-adjusted, happy kids who are enjoying their childhood because they know how much they are loved.
    You are an amazing man and an outstanding dad.
    Being a great parent is the most challenging and rewarding job.
    I hate to tell you, it doesn’t necessarily get easier as they grow.
    But you do have a lot of wonderful years of adventures together ahead of you. Enjoy every moment.
    Keep up the great work. Your kids will always love and appreciate you for it.
    Sandra Alvarado

  • Connie in Colorado

    Jack I agree with both comments below mine – Sandra said it best. Too bad that sparkles didn’t realize what a “gem” she had when you were married to her. Your kids will always see that they have an awesome dad that truly cares about them and puts them first in his life! Happy Birthday Lucy & Bing!!! Hang in there Jack – we all support you through our ‘virtual parenting’.

  • Lupe Romero

    Lucy and Bing are so lucky to have you as their dad. You should feel proud that even with all the turmoil in your life your children know you are there for them no matter what. Happy Birthday Lucy! Happy Birthday Bing!

  • janine

    Happy Birthday Lucy and Bing…..Your father is the best gift to have….as you are to him