Be My Valentine

I know people get bummed out this time of year because they don’t have a Valentine… So I thought I would ask you all (and by “all” I mean the 3 people who read this) to be my Valentine!  There you go!

My sister invited us to do something pretty cool this weekend, we went to the Chocolate Lovers Class at The Huntington Library.  It is only for kids (but they each get to bring an adult) and you need to check the calendar for the next class, but I know Lucy and Bing highly recommend it.  Not only do you learn about the tree that yields the beans that result in the chocolate you stuff in your face, but the kids get a chance to fashion their own bars.

Painting before the chocolate is poured

This is what he does when he sees my camera pointed at him!

Getting melted chocolate poured into their trays

Aunt Angela helping out

hard at work

Even if you don’t like chocolate I highly recommend visiting the Huntington Library, it truly is one of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles.  If you have a chance (and the money $30 adult/$15 kids) try the Rose Garden Tea Room, it is a really fun treat for young and old alike.

Some of the art at the Huntington Library

The Japanese Garden At The Huntington Library

Walking in the Zen Garden

Fish eating a flower

Lucy has been continuing to get better and better at basketball… It makes me happy to see how much she enjoys it.  She had a great game this week, making a basket, a bunch of free throws and grabbing rebounds.

My tough girl battling for the ball

Lucy sinking one of many free throws

State Shirt… A.K.A. Ethan (Angie’s boyfriend) has a new video/song

And at work, we have the debut Run River North album coming out.  They are really great kids and super talented… Check out this video when they were surprised with a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

OK, I think that’s it for now.  Have an amazing Valentine’s Day and I will blog at you again soon.

Rock On, Jack

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