Kids On TV

Apparently my kids will be on The Queen Latifah Show tomorrow… This was not my doing so I’m not sure how this happened, but they are very excited for the show to air.  The segment is about “Seattle Seahawk Super Fans,” so if you get a chance tune in and watch (it airs at 2pm on CBS in Los Angeles, not sure about other markets.)

Speaking of my kids, we had a very nice Valentine’s/President’s Day Weekend!  Bing made my V-Day by giving me a very thoughtful and loving handmade valentine.

My Valentine from Bing

Not going to lie, it made me tear up a bit….  And my stomach had butterflies, but I’m pretty sure that is because the kids choose Hometown Buffet to have dinner at (which is truly not good! But they love it!?!?!)

Lucy had both Saturday and Sunday basketball games this weekend… And her team won both! She was very excited and is looking forward to the play-offs in a few weeks!

2 Wins This Weekend!

Me, Bing and a Blue Puffle watching Lucy's game

We also were invited to a BBQ at my Sister and Ethan’s new house. The weather was amazing and we were able to hang in their yard and enjoy the Valley wildlife.

Emma shows us her squirrel murdering face

Squirrel hiding from Emma

Hawk over my sisters house

We also caught the Lego Movie, the kids loved it… Personally, I thought it was good, not the best kids movie I’ve seen, but good.

And I usually share a music video with you, this is from William Fitzsimmons and is an acoustic version of a track from his new album Lions.

Rock On, Jack

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