Parenthood v. My Brain

I’m fully aware that my brain doesn’t work like most people… For example, I can remember every detail of every horrible thing that has ever happened in my life (I believe most people are better at remembering the good stuff, which are way more vague memories for me.)  The slightest thing can bring back all the memories and emotion… A smell, a location, even the same room temperature or quality of light.  I have just accepted this is how my brain works.  The other night I was watching Parenthood on NBC (which is a great show… but is sometimes too real) and one of the characters was spending the first weekend with his kids as a separated parent… It brought back the memories of those first times as a divorced parent when the kids come over for those initial visits.  I could re-feel the pain and discomfort… I remember everyone saying “It will get better,” “It won’t feel weird forever.” And they were right, slowly, over time, that became our new normal… Now there is absolutely nothing weird about it.  Even a twisted brain like mine will learn to accept change… Which means there is hope for all of you! ;)

My whole (OK, that’s a lie, because I think they were introduced in 1977… So most of) life I have been a Vans man. When I was a kid my Mom would get me brown tie Vans… She said I couldn’t get slip-ons because I had flat feet, which I knew was grounds to be rejected by the Army, but didn’t believe it should keep me from sporting awesome checkered Vans!  In Junior High it was white and in High School it was black… Now in my 40′s it’s what ever the heck color I want… Well, that’s not true either, I received a gift card for my birthday and I was cruising the Vans store when I saw they have an amazing new design that not only is covered in puppies (or kitties if that kind of thing floats your boat- Vans – Kids Authentic Shoes in Aspca Cats) but benefits the ASPCA.  Well those fit into the whatever the heck category, so I asked the nice sales kid, who wasn’t even born when I sported my first pair of brown Vans, to grab me a size 11…  He then very kindly explained that they don’t come in sizes that big.  I haven’t been that disappointed since my Mom said no slip-ons…  the good news is the Beatles Vans are in real man sizes!

As any of you who are friends with me on  Facebook know I love taking Instagram photos… I think it is actually my favorite of all the social media sites.  I have found so many amazing people to follow and enjoy their photos… One of which is Matt Bell, I don’t really know him, but we like each others pics and it ends up he is a writer and adventurer.  If you want to see cool places around the world from the comfort of your cell phone I highly recommend you check out his gallery.

Speaking of Instagram, a friend of a friend invented a pretty cool product for cell phone photo fiends like me… The Mobi-Lens is basically a clothespin with a lens in it that clamps over your phones camera lens and gives you various effects including wide-angle, fish eye and marco.  In my test it worked really well (Although depending on the case you have your phone in you may need to remove it for it to work correctly.) It is easy to put on and take off, the optics are clear and extends the creative options you have for your phone.

Lily Test Photo

Lily Test Photo


OK, it’s bed time for me, blog at you again soon.

Rock On, Jack

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  • Maria

    Hi Jack. I was wondering if you were going to blog today. Just wondering…..hoping you would. I got to reading some of your old blogs and when I got to this one I was intrigued by your suggestion to check out Matt Bell’s photos, so I did. They are so beautiful, like you said. It made me wish that I could travel, like he does, and meet interesting people and see interesting things like different cultures and buildings and taste different foods. Thanks for introducing me to Matt Bell’s photos. I am now following him.