The Long Escalator Ride

This weekend was the Worldwide Instameet… which basically means Instagram dorks (like me and my sister) get together and take photos.  We decided to go to Grand Park in downtown L.A.  I know most people in this town don’t, but my sister and I are big supporters of the subway… heck, most people don’t even know we have a subway.  To get deep under the city you ride long, steep escalators.

It has been just shy of five years since I got divorced… I don’t mean when the whole thing started, but the actual day it was official.  On that day I rode the subway too.  I sat on the train in my ill fitting suit with a briefcase full of the final paperwork.  Like always, I was early, I stood in the line of other early arrivals waiting for the doors to open.  As I looked down the line I tried to figure out what people were there for, which is nearly impossible, but it was something to distract me.  No one looks happy when they’re waiting to go into court, not even the lawyers.

Today was really nice, exploring the city with my sister.  Los Angeles is a strange city in that downtown is not really it’s center.  The city is so spread out that many people don’t make it downtown very often… If at all.  There were a dozen or so kids playing in the fountain at Grand Park, a number of finely dressed people having cocktails before the Opera, a large group crowded in front of the Disney Concert Hall for some fancy event… But it never felt like there were that many people around.  We were able to wander the streets and snap photos all over town.

The L.A. courthouse is always crowded, full of people who for the most part are dealing with things they would rather not.  That day I met my Ex in front of our assigned room, we went in together with the finalized divorce agreement we had drafted.  The judge was so pleased we had put aside our difference and hammered out an agreement, that he took us first.  We basically just had to stand in front of him and say that we both agreed with the document we had handed the clerk and he finalized it, it was official.  We walked out of the courthouse together, when we got to the subway entrance my Ex gave me a hug and continued to her parking lot.  I rode that long escalator back down under Los Angeles.  It doesn’t move that fast, I remember standing on it thinking how strange it was that I was divorced, that after all the drama and fighting it was that simply completed.

I rode that same escalator today, I remembered that day five years ago.  It’s weird how far an escalator can take you… So deep down, and it can raise you back up.

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  • Pattie

    Jack…I am glad you look back on the divorce for what it was. So many friends of mine are angry and bitter. I know it is hard…all endings are because it requires a fresh start. Through all of your challenges you have come out. I find you insightful and brilliant. You are a great father and your children are so blessed. Thank you for this post. My reflection from it is much different, but it gives me food for thought, so thank you…

  • Diane from the Tragic Kingdom

    You’ve become a strong man, Jack Heine!!! I am so proud of how far you’ve come and able to rise above the hurt and pain (not saying it doesn’t sting from time to time)… Everything you do, you do with the kids in mind, so be so proud of that… You’ve got a great support group with Angie, your Mom, Ethan, Wendy and all of us!!! Continue to grow… your buddy and pod peep, Diane Judd from the Tragic Kingdom

  • Connie in Colorado

    Jack~ I haven’t been on your blog for awhile. First of all, so glad to see that you are still writing & posting all of your brilliant thoughts! I enjoy reading your words, you really do have a special way of writing, and we all love and admire your talent with words and photos!
    I want you to know, I have been to divorce court too, and the feeling was exactly how you described it. The only support I can offer to you is to just keep on being the fabulous father that you are to your kids! It’s apparent that they love and respect you :) I hope you know how many friends you have out here in cyber space, because I really do think about how you are doing almost everyday!