Lucy loves to shove the camera in my face... I guess it's payback for all the photos I take of her! ;)

Lucy loves to shove the camera in my face… I guess it’s payback for all the photos I take of her! ;)

There were a couple milestones this week that had me thinking about how quickly life marches on!

First, midweek we hit the 2000th Podcast.  When we started the podcast, which just for the record was 100% Angela Heine’s idea, no one in radio was really podcasting yet, it was still a fairly new technology.  In the last 8 years we have seen many radio shows fall and re-emerge via podcast… Most way more successfully than ours, but we have chugged along.  Stench and I have had many jobs during the pods run, we have recorded from all over the place (for a bit I often recorded from the parking lot of a San Diego library because I could leech off their free WiFi) and have had many people as guests, send texts and phone messages ( 916.MR.Bacon if you want to text or leave a VM) and connected via Skype at almost every hour of the day/night…  It hasn’t always been easy and has caused drama in our personal lives at various points, but it has been fun and made us friends that we consider family.  If you had asked me when we started if we would reach 2000 podcasts I would have said no way… But here we are, so I’m not going to predict how many more we will complete, I’m just going to say Thank You to all of those who stuck with us and here’s to many more!

Lucy giving a speech at her graduation

Lucy giving a speech at her graduation

Then on Friday my baby girl had her elementary school graduation.  It was pretty mind blowing to watch a kid who I swear was just a baby yesterday stand before her class and give a speech about what it feels like to move on to middle school.  It is the oldest cliche in the book about how quickly time goes by… but it’s true.  I will never forget looking to the backseat of my car and seeing that baby in the carrier back there as we left the hospital  and thinking “oh crap, how am I going to do this!?!?”  But you just do it, kind of making it up as you go, and hopefully it goes well and they grow up to be really cool people.  So far I couldn’t be prouder… And I know there is more cool stuff to come!

Me and my baby

Me and my baby

Once I was done tearing up it was time to celebrate!  We headed off to Magic Mountain to check out Twisted Colossus!  Lucy and I were fans of the original Colossus and were kind of bummed when they shut in down…  So I was going into this with negative feelings.  The line was long, but a hour and a half didn’t seem outrageous.  When we made it to the boarding area they gave us the first car, Lucy and Angela opted to not sit in front, so Bing and I got the very front seats! I’m not going to bore you with a turn by turn description, but I will tell you that it was way more than I expected, much more wild of a ride than it’s namesake… And in my opinion the best coaster I have ever rode.  It is not as extreme as some of the other coasters in the park, but it is way more fun… I highly recommend waiting in line for it!

Ready for Magic Mountain fun with Aunt Angela

Ready for Magic Mountain fun with Aunt Angela


Father’s Day is next weekend and I know that all I ever really want is something made by the kids… I have a vast collection of kid art!  But I have been bombarded with Father’s Day gift ideas and one stood out, so I thought I would share it.  MarkersKit has a bunch of cool options that I thought were pretty creative.  The Classic Men’s Experience Gift Set includes the Classic Shave Kit, Classic Cocktail Bar Set, and the Large Amoeba Air Plant Terrarium.  (Which all look really cool)  But I also liked the Jewelry Stamping Kit and #Selfie Kit + Bluetooth Remote. I like that their mission is to inspire the world by creating crafty kits that excite everyone while teaching new skills.  Anyway, just thought that one was worth sharing!

Here’s some new music to check out:

Good Old War “Tell Me What You Want From Me”

Family Of The Year “Make You Mine”

Florence + The Machine “Ship To Wreck”

Rock On, Jack

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  • Julie Belmore

    Jack, I’m sad to say that I canceled my subscription to the podcast early this year but with good reason – I was a little over YEAR behind and with the new baby and what not…. I haven’t even listened to ANY of my free podcasts. I hope you understand! I still love you and Stretch and would still love to attend a podcast event one day (maybe ill bring baby Jack!)

    And I agree, Twisted Colossus was fannnntastic!!!

    I can’t believe your kids are so big now. They really do grow that fast, don’t they?

  • Ruth

    here’s to many more podcasts!