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Riding Roller Coasters at Magic Mountain

Riding Roller Coasters at Magic Mountain

Last Labor Day weekend we were tipped off and it made for an awesome year, so I thought I would return the favor and tip you guys off…  Now through Monday (9/7/15) Magic Mountain is having their huge Season Pass Sale!
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 2.39.09 PMFor $71.99 a pass you get the rest of this year, all of next year admission to Magic Mountain, Hurricane Harbor and Free Parking…  For a family of 4 that is still less than one Disney season pass (and this one includes parking).  Mind you we live pretty close, but we went about 12 times last year, so the passes more than paid for themselves…. And they have a bunch of special events too, including Halloween trick or treating for the kids, Holiday nights with Santa and a Fourth Of July fest.  (And they are remodeling Revolution, should be pretty cool when it’s done!)

Ready to ride!

Ready to ride!

Speaking of things we really enjoy, Bing and I went to a drive-in movie last weekend… Or as close as we are ever going to get to a drive-in movie.  The City Of Burbank put it on up at the Starlight Bowl, they showed Goonies and had food trucks and it was a beautiful, warm evening.  Bing had never been to a drive-in and was really thrilled by the experience.  I have to give props to the City for putting on a super organized, well thought out event that was great family fun… I hope they do it again next year so I can take Lucy too!

At the "Drive-In"

At the “Drive-In”

Before we settled into the car to watch the film.

Before we settled into the car to watch the film.


The view from our car (that is the Super Moon coming up over the hill)

The view from our car (that is the Super Moon coming up over the hill)

Here’s a few things going on this weekend and in the near future:

Busy Bears Quilt Show – Quilt event in Big Bear… Because quilted bears never give up! (Sept 5-6)

L.A. County Fair – Eat deep fried stuff and ride on rides built by carnies! (Sept 4-27)

Greek Festival By The Sea – Greek food in the LBC, what more could you ask for! (Sept 5-7)

Orange International Street Fair - Music, food and arts & crafts. (Sept 4-6)

Camarillo Hospice Chili Cook-Off and Music Festival - Chili and Music for your stomach and ears! (Sept 6)

Festival of Sail - Boats and San Diego, sounds good to me. (Sept 4-7)

And finally, here’s some music I have been digging:

Madi Diaz – “Control”

Matthew Good – “All Your Sons & Daughters”

Kurt Vile – “Pretty Pimpin”

Alexander Morgan – “Flatland”

Scars On 45 – “Take You Home”


Have a Safe/Awesome Labor Day Weekend!!!!!!!!!

Rock On, Jack

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