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I have to get the kids to and from school today, when you live 30+ miles from school (and in L.A. Traffic…  which isn’t as bad as China apparently, check out this video), it is a little bit of an adventure.  We need to leave a hour before to make sure we make it in time and it can take 2 hours for me to get back to work in Hollywood and then up to 1 1/2 hour to make it back to pick them up… So I usually take a vacation day (seeing as that would only give me 4 hours at work anyway.)  I then have to find things to keep myself busy while the kids are at school (I don’t go home I just hang out near school), I thought I would post a blog (since I suck at posting and don’t do it nearly often enough (you can always find me on Facebook and Instagram). Without thinking I headed straight to McDonalds, free wifi, ice tea and McGriddles!

McDonalds get a lot of flack….  But as I thought about it, I owe Mickey D’s a big thank you.  As I have told you before, divorce sucks and causes massive turmoil in your life.  Mine was extra tough and there was a lot of crap in the beginning… There were times at the very start where I would only get my kids for a few hours for a dinner visit.  I was unemployed, broke and under time constraints, the local Mc Donalds with a playland was always a great option… The kids had fun, liked the food, I could afford it, you could hangout for extended periods of time without pressure and there was always one nearby.  As time went on and I had the kids more often we would meet our friends at the local McDonalds and play and hangout.  It was always there when I was early to get the kids from school (I used to drive from Palmdale to Venice to get them from school frequently and I could never know for sure how long it would take!)

I realized the other day that we hadn’t gone to the local McDonalds with a playland in a long time… The kids have aged out of the Habitrail for kids and aren’t as into Happy Meals as they used to be. I was kind of bummed, we spent a lot of quality time hanging out on those brightly colored tables, me watching kids scream “look at me” while they went down the slide.  I will always be thankful that I had a place where when times were tough and I had few options, brought my kids joy and offered us a place to be together… I know it’s not the popular opinion, but Thank You McDonalds.  (And thanks for still being available for cheap ice tea and free wi-fi so I can post crappy blogs!)

Creepy Squirrel Mask!

Creepy Squirrel Mask!

Halloween is around the corner and I’m so excited! This year it falls on a Saturday… It is going to be the last weekend Halloween while my kids are still young enough to be into it (or at least into trick or treating and hanging out with Dad!) Our costumes are still evolving… Lucy wants to be a “shark attack victim” again, but we are going to kick it up a notch over what we did last year and Bing wanted to be a game show host (He has been recently obsessed with old game shows), but it morphed into a zombie game show host this morning.  The kids have requested I break out the Teletubby costume again this year… so it looks like it’s Tinky-Winky for me!  There will be tons of photos, can’t wait to share!

Here’s what I have been digging in music world:

New Order “Restless” – the entire new New Order album is awesome, I highly recommend you check it out!

El Vy “Return To The Moon”

Boy & Bear “Walk The Wire” – These guys are on the label I work for, but I would dig them even if they weren’t ;)

Silver Sun Pickups “Nightlight” – Their new album is also amazing, I would dare to say one of the best of this year!

Have a great weekend!!!

Rock On, Jack

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