DSC_0445Those kids in this above photo are now too big to enjoy that ride at Camp Snoopy… Lucy turns 12 and Bing 9 this weekend.  It is the oldest cliche around about blinking and your kids are all grown up… But it’s true.  My divorce started when the kids were 4 and 1, so we’re 8 years into this weekend at Dad’s thing.  Having grown up myself in the same kind of arrangement I understood many of the challenges ahead of us and I have really tried to make the best of our limited time together.  I know it will sound weird to say, but I was lucky to be out of work for extended amounts time when the kids were really young… It was stressful not having a job, but it did allow me to get in a lot of quality time during those early years.  Parenting is always challenging and with every new age, new school, new adventure there will be obstacles and difficulties… Just remember to slow down and enjoy it too, because someday you’ll look back and wonder where those tiny kids went!

Happy Birthday Lucy and Bing!

20151031_160421Halloween was so much fun and the kids costumes turned out great!  Lucy was a “shark attack victim” (And I think my shark bursting out of her chest turned out pretty well!!!) and Bing was a “Game Show Host” (Although he was a little confused as to why people kept thinking he was Donald Trump… He doesn’t even know what a “Donald Trump” is!!!)  Thanks to a leap year Halloween will be on Monday next year, so we took full advantage of the holiday falling on a Saturday.  We took our trick or treat bags to Toluca Lake and filled them quite well! It was a wild night with ghosts, zombies and Super Mario Brothers freely roaming the streets and candy flowing from almost every house… And a huge purple Teletubby!

Costume and make-up by Daddy (I'm proud of my work!)

Costume and make-up by Daddy (I’m proud of my work!)

NOT Donald Trump!!!

NOT Donald Trump!!!

Shark Attack Victim (Lucy), Teletubby (Me) and Game Show Host (Bing)

Shark Attack Victim (Lucy), Teletubby (Me) and Game Show Host (Bing)


Music I have been digging:

Brand new Pete Yorn! “Summer Was A Day”

Hermitude – “The Buzz”  – Listen for it on a new Samsung watch commercial

High Dive Heart – “Vintage”

Struts – “Could Have Been Me”

Rock On, Jack

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  • Jan

    Wow Jack you have so many talents! That is such a good costume you did for Lucy and Bing too! I love them!
    You all are so fortunate even with the obstacles being a divorced parent brings. Much good fortune to you all.