Angela’s Christmas Donation – For the Love of Music

I have hijacked my brothers blog to tell the story of my donation this year. As many of you know since 2012 I started making donations during Christmas time in memory of people that we have tragically lost.

At the beginning of this year I had already had a plan for what I was going to do. Being an animal lover and always concerned over the lack of empathy people have for animals, I was going to collect stuffed animals from charity organizations and at the end of the year donate a bunch of stuffed animals. I had already donated to California Wildlife Center for two sea lion stuffed animals and had those waiting.

But I changed my direction as there was a tragedy just before the holidays, again. Actually multiple tragedies.

This year is less about specific individuals and more about music.

Music has been a guiding force throughout my entire life. My mom has played guitar since I was born and had also played fantastic music while I was growing up, Marvin Gaye, Wes Montgomery, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and so many more. My dad also had a fondness for music and we would sing doo-wop together in the car. When I got to my teens music was my everything. I would spend endless hours listening to my favorites, The Cure, Erasure, The Smiths, and again so many more. They got me through every teen emotional crisis I can think of. One of my fondest memories is taking my mom’s huge DJ speakers and putting them on my full length dresser and then lying in-between them. All I could hear was the music, nothing else.

I was fortunate to go to a couple shows at a young age, but I really consider my first concert, The Cure at Dodger Stadium on September 8, 1989. My brother took me for my 15th birthday. We were in the 3rd to last row of the stadium and it was the best!

From there it was concert after concert. Waiting in lines in the early morning to be the first at the Music Plus to get tickets to our next show.

From 1989 to today, I have seen over 280 shows, over 200 different bands (I have seen some bands quite a few times) and I have been in over 85 different venues.

And that is why this year my donation is in memory to the terrorist attacks in Bataclan Theater in Paris. The tragic San Bernardino attack was close to home, but the barbaric attack at the Bataclan Theater was close to my heart.

I have bought three guitars to donate to Little Kids Rock in hopes that this encourages more young people to become musicians that will go out and tour the world, entertaining and molding the lives of music lovers that find solace, sadness, love, happiness, comfort in their words and notes.


Hope I see you at the next show.

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