Starting Off 2016 Spicy

The blog is kicking off 2016 a little sexy, a little spicy.  I have mentioned that I often get pitched products to feature on this blog and with Valentine’s Day around the corner I received a whole bunch.  This one caught my eye, Spicy Subscriptions, is a monthly service that delivers a curated box of romantic items straight to peoples’ doorsteps that allows them to experience being intimate on a regular basis. They sent me this sample box, and as you can see in the photo below it is full of fun stuff. Their goal is to help people improve their love lives, whether they are in relationships or they are single. They aim to bring cutting edge products to subscribers to help them explore the excitement that they otherwise may not. The best part is the service is professional and discrete.

I thought I would share the love this Valentine’s Day and give this awesome Spice Box away to one of my lovely blog readers, so send me an email to with “Spice Box” in the subject line before noon 1/28/16 and I will randomly pick one to email to win the above box.   To learn about different box options and pricing click here!


While my Valentine’s Day may not be spicy, I am still looking forward to it.  I have heard it called a “Hallmark Holiday,” but I’m not a V-Day hater… I can’t find anything wrong with a day that is designed to remind special people in your life that they are loved.  My Valentine’s, Lucy and Bing, have discovered the excitement of See’s Candy, so heart shaped boxes of soft-centers will be what I’m giving this year!


This year has been tough on music fans (and we’re not even a month deep!)  Lemmy, Glenn Frey and David Bowie all music legends in their own genres, all gone this first month of 2016.  Bowie hit me particularly hard, I have always been such a huge fan.  The amazing thing about being a musician (or any artist for that matter) is that your work is immortal…  We may have lost the man, but we will have the songs forever.  I have found a lot of solace in introducing my kids to the incredible music these artists left behind…  Giving it new life.

David Bowie's Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

David Bowie’s Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

I normally post the new music I’m digging at the end of the blog, but I thought for this one I would share a tribute Passenger did for Bowie.

Rock On,  Jack

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