Back To School

Back to school has double meaning this week! First, the kids have returned to school, Bing in 5th and Lucy in 8th… Which means this is my last year having a kid in elementary school! Next year it will be middle school and high school for my kids, where does the time go? I dropped Bing off at school this morning and in years past he would always want to sit with me until the bell rang… this morning he told me I didn’t have to stay because he was going to play with his friends (Not going to lie, kind of made me sad… But kids grow up, that’s just what happens and there is nothing I can do to stop it).  So I have the back to school blues!

The second meaning is in this weeks Pokemon Go video… Angela joins Bing and I on our adventure at C.S.U. Northridge, Where we went to college… So it was back to school for us all this past week!



I was at a music convention for part of last week and I saw some great new artists, here’s a couple of my favorites

Rock On, Jack

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