Making Memories

Get up close around the house, yard, car or where ever you are. A fun, easy, affordable way to learn and spend time together.
Sleeping bags are great to play games on in the yard, spread out in front of the TV and watch a movie or just drape over the couch and make a fort.
Cooking’s not only a vital life skill, but a great way to hang with your kids. Special spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowls are a superb way to add something extra to this quality time.
Lets face it, we’re not great artists, but with sidewalk chalk you and the kids can make “art” on the driveway, brick wall, sidewalk or any hard surface… And clean away easily with a hose.
Board games are not only fun, but they’re no where has hard as those video games your kid kicks your butt at… You can’t go wrong with the classics, and you might actually win!
There’s likely one in the toolbox, a tape measure can inspire play… Who can jump furthest, how far the toy car roll, how tall is the dog? Kids use their imagination and explore and learn.
A combination magnifying glass and microscope, for those of us who are suckers for technology. Hours of fun and learning… Oh ya, and the kids can use it too.
Break a sweat and drag the kids along. Tows behind the bike and then turns into a stroller when you get to your destination. Don’t forget the helmets!

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