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It’s not writers block…

Monday, October 18th, 2010

When you just don’t have anything to say… Or at least I don’t think it is!?!? Sorry I haven’t been posting regularly, I just haven’t had much going on to talk about. My days have been fairly boring as of late. Other than on the weekends when the kids are here, I really don’t do much. I have written about it before, But things have seemed kind of hopeless, I am lucky to be surviving and paying all the bills ( I know so many are not!).  It just seems like there is little hope of advancement, of bettering the situation.  Never before have I experienced the feeling professionally that there is no where to advance too.

I see the manifestation of recession rage into the tea party, intolerance and fringe elements gaining mainstream acceptance and it makes me even more disillusioned with the direction this country is headed.  I know it is human nature to need someone to blame, but it seems that the American people have focused their energy on the wrong targets.  We’re mad at Muslims, Mexicans, health care, homosexual marriage… I have seen no rallies, heard no outrage against the banks and mortgage lenders who’s profit over ethics lending practices lead to the housing bubble and it’s ultimate explosion.  Even now Bank of America had to stall foreclosures…  They screwed us buying our homes and how they’re screwing us taking them.  I know many have spoke out against the TARP program,  the problem is not only was the TARP program necessary to keep the economy from failing further, but it has on some fronts actually turned a profit and will ultimately only cost a fraction of originally projected…  Again I see this as misguided, we are upset at the government for the bailout and not those who needed bailing out.   I guess what I’m saying is that I want to see that hatred for Muslims trying to build a mosque in Temecula (over 2000 miles from Ground Zero), the anger over illegal immigration (even if our Republican candidate for Governor knowingly employed one for years, not to mention Lou Dobbs…  Don’t take this as an endorsement of Jerry Brown he is a huge “whore” too), the disdain for health care reform with cries of socialism (Although no one is complaining about public schools or social security), directed towards those who actually got us where we are today.   OK, that’s enough politics, I know it’s boring.

To totally shift directions.  I have been thinking about something kind of strange in the past few weeks.  Have you ever had a hallucination?  I have had only had one in my life, it was in the hospital after my suicide attempt, as I laid in the emergency room, nurses and doctors working on me, I saw a baby lying next to me. I plead with them to help the baby, as they assured me there was no baby.  I remember very few details of that night, but I remember that baby… I remember it as if it was real, I remember my concern and worry over it, how badly I wanted it to be cared for and comforted.  I know it was not real, it was not there… But i remember it as real, it’s just strange.  That baby could have been me, maybe I was seeing myself as helpless, in need of saving?  It could have been my kids, who I felt were helpless victims of my failed relationship in need of saving?  It could have just been the innocent projection caused by three bottles of prescription drugs?  I may never figure it out, but I will always remember that baby as real.

Time for another transition, I guess I’ve been backing up a bunch of posts and now it is time to unload.  Halloween and my kids birthday’s are right around the corner… And I’ve been slacking on both, which is weird because they are my three  favorite events of the year.  Halloween is all set for the kids, but I gave up on my “Baby” costume.  The birthday’s have been stressful in trying to decide what kind of party would fit into my budget.  The kids originally wanted to have the party at the miniature golf course, but that would mean limited guest list and we’d have to pick and choose who to invite.  My sister is out of town, but we may use her house to have a bigger, less elaborate party so more friends can attend… All I know is I need to figure it out in the next few days because it’s less than 3 weeks away!

Work has been going really well, the show has found it’s groove and Ron has been rocking it.   It was hard launching a show from scratch, but has been rewarding to see it mature into an entertaining, informative radio program.

I’m feeling equally as good about the pod, it has been a lot of fun lately.  It has got to a point where it is less of a show and more of us having a daily conversation with an exclusive group of friends.  Also, as different as we are, Stench is one of my dearest friends and I cherish my daily interaction with him.

Speaking of Stench, at his 40th birthday party a couple of years ago a psychic told me I would be re-married by 40… Well, I’m 40 in 3 months and there are no perspectives nor desire, so my disbelief in psychics lives on.  Maybe I need Gary Spivey to make my crotch tingle and my demons disappear!?!?

Fumble!   Finally, a good reason to go to Starbuck’s!  Don’t forget to fill out your permission slip.   This is crazy.  Number 4 on 11/11/11?  I guess you have to be aware to shoot them!?!?  Here’s a back-up!

Rock on, jack

Here’s a classic video… Look how little Bing was!!!!

A Real Storm

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

There was actually lightening and thunder today… I know that’s not a big deal anywhere else, but here that’s a huge novelty.   Every where else people are smart enough to go inside when there is lightening, here we go outside and look, maybe take some pictures. I didn’t get any lightening photos, but there was briefly a rainbow and I posted a few pics on my Facebook.   (Word Press still won’ let me post pics here!?!?)

Lucy isn’t feeling well, sore throat and a fever… I hope she feels better soon!  I’m planning on having our Lucy and Daddy time this weekend… Bing is not going to be happy.  He will be into the Yo Gabba Gabba panties I got him, Heck I kind of want some in my size!   (He requested “Golf Ball Panties”, but as of this blog I have been unable to find 2T briefs with golf balls on them.)

Lucy got on me the other day because I told her I was watching Jeopardy… She told me it was “Boring”.  She may be right, but I am just practicing for when I’m old and the Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune power hour is all I have to look forward too.

I knew there were cougars on the beach!?!?   I say leave him!  MF’n, a**hole, c**ksucker, Starbucks.  Burp beating.  Ambulance jacking.  Honda must have been jealous of all the attention Toyota was getting.   Now starring on “I Love Jail“.  Killer teddy bears at Target.  He built the house of waffle.  Some outfit ideas for Stench’s dog.

Rock On, Jack

Excited for tomorrow

Monday, November 16th, 2009

I know, I know… I’ve already told you, Bob’s Big Boy tomorrow!

If you’re like me, and you want to save money on stuff, check Groupon out…  I signd up, it seems pretty cool.  I’m not going to lie, I kind of enjoy using coupons… I went to the market today and ended up saving just over ten bucks with my coupons, it’s like getting a bonus!

Bing was bummed, he wanted to go to Starbucks after we dropped Lucy off at school (Yes, my 3 year old specifically asked to go to “Starbucks!”)… He doesn’t get that Daddy needs a job before we enjoy our Lucy-less time eating doughnuts and drinking herbal tea…. Lucy would be upset if she knew we do this, she already thinks we “party” after we drop her off.

I’ve had a weird hiccup thing going on for the last couple days… I get them right after I eat and they last hours (and get painful)?  It’s weird!?!?!

Wednesday I get join Lucy at her “jog-a-thon” at school… basically she sees how many laps she can do in ten minutes and people make pledges.  I’m going to jog with her, we’re going for a track record (Just kidding!)

I’m sorry, but nudist are just creepy.  I’m not the only one going broke.  R.I.P. Ken Ober!  Quick, call Stench. They should name him “Handicap spot.“  What a good husband.  The bear just wouldn’t leave.  Costco not on Coke.  Look up!  Get a bucket of sunblock.  It sucks to get hit by a car… In your house!

Rock On, Jack